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Looking for a old friend


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
I wish people would read more carefully before hitting <ENTER>... ;)

Anyhow, we received the following mail by Tyress Robinson ([email protected]; address doesn't work):

Q: i'm looking for a old friend i went to school with in the states.how can i locate her or get in contact with her?

A: Please post your info here and hope that one of our visitors might be able to help you. Thanks.
I'm looking for a friend named Naoki Murao (given name, surname). He is currently about 23 years of age, and the last i heard he was living in Hiroshima. We went to elementary school together in Toronto, Canada.
Nobuo Rikitake (Riki)

hi! im tristessa (Shell)...i lost track of my dear brother who at one time was living with a family in Orayasu City. he lived with the yamaoka family...if that helps narrow it down any... he has moved since and promised to write or call... i had since been in the military, got married, have a child and have a new corporate job and still no sight or sound of him...it has been 7 years i miss him terribly. if anyone can help me out with this it would be greatly greatly appreciated! email me at [email protected] with any information!
he used to chat in wbs as MonkeyBoy3

thanks so much!
Shell :(
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