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Wanted Looking For a Nice Japanese Family Who Is Interested in Hosting a High School Student

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20 Apr 2011
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My name is Jameson Yalap and I am an 18 year old junior at Mount Vernon High School in Alexandria, VA. It has been my dream from a very young age to live and study in Japan. I know that Japan is currently in a devastated situation and it may seem foolish and heartless of me asking for this, but I couldn't think of a better time to ask it. I want to go to Japan and experience first hand what Japan is going through right now. I've seen the news on tv and the internet but I want to go there myself and see with my own eyes how it is. I'm very kind, caring, mature, responsible and so I want to go to Japan and help those who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami. I am looking for any family who could pay for my airfare and housing this summer to go to Japan and experience the beautiful country and help the people Thank you and God bless!!!
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