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Wanted Looking for a Japanese "Pen Pal"

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3 Apr 2014
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Hello, my name is William I am 26, Male and I am interested in learning Japanese. I am interested in many Japanese things but I would like to visit some time which means learning the language would be immensely helpful to others as well as myself. I have only taken one semester of Japanese in college and i didn't pass... so I'm still pretty fresh. So what I'm looking for is some one who knows about the Japaneses culture and language. I prefer to use a microphone so I can hear the pronunciation of the words. It would be appreciated if you where very patient with me as I'm not the fastest learner. Rosetta stone seems like a good place to start but Im looking for more. Please tell me about your self and lets look for a way to get in touch.
Thank you for your considerations
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