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Wanted Looking for a Japanese immigrant who lives in the U.S. to answer some interview questions

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7 Feb 2020
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Hello. I have a cultural interview project for my Food and Culture class, and I chose to study Japanese culture over the semester as it is the culture that interests me the most. I am to compare/contrast my culture with someone from Japan. I do not know anyone personally from Japan, which is why I am posting the questions on here if anyone is able to answer. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

If you could please answer all questions below,

-Please provide your initials, gender, age, languages spoken, and how long you have lived in the U.S.

-What is your worldview? Would you consider it to be similar to others from Japan or the U.S?

-What is your religion? What religious practices do you have?

-What are your health beliefs? Would you consider yourself to be more health conscious?

-Please provide a description on your food and meal patterns. Do you eat out often or cook from home often? Do you tend to splurge when eating out/purchasing groceries, or are you more budget conscious?

-What foods do you consume on a regular basis? What is your favorite type of cuisine?
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