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Looking for a friend, Kaori Akita

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10 Mar 2016
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Back in 2003 when I was stationed in Okinawa while serving in the US Navy, I met a girl named Kaori Akita. I would like to find her and see how things have been in her life. She is from Fukuoka Japan, her uncle owned a bar called "A hard days night". She was a musician, huge Beatles fan, played in a Beatles cover band also. I believe her instrument of choice was the Piano. We had said that we would remain friends and continue to talk but somehow lost touch along the road. She may be married now as I know she had met somebody and was in a relationship. If anyone knows of her, or the bar that she used to work at, and has contact information for either, please let me know. I have tried searching for her and the bar on the internet with no results.
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