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Wanted Looking for a female vocalist who can sing in Both English and Japanese.


25 Sep 2016
I'm new here, so if this thread is wrongly placed, forgive me.

I'm looking for a female vocalist who can sing in both English and Japanese in natural pronunciation.
Here's my songs↓ please take a listen.
Liu Feyri | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Our band is called "necomimi☆spacenoid". We made an album called "omnibus + 4" for a few years ago.

We were a pop band ,and we have not been active for several years , but we're gonna reboot this band from maybe November with more harsh sounds like hard rock, hip hop , power pop and industrial metal.

We have one bassist and two guitarists so far. We don't need a drummer. We're gonna play with backing tracks which consist of drums and synthesizers sounds.

This band is just for fun. We're not gonna aim at a professional band (of course, if somebody will pay for us, we don't resist).

We want to appear on stage for once a month or two. We'd like to practice at the studio for once a week or two at weekend. I'm not sure where do we gather. Maybe Shinjuku or Akihabara.
Morinaga Mami and Fujisaki Luchino ,underground idols, used to sing in this band.

Thank you for your patience.
We found a keyboardist from Scotland.
We are all male, and the bassist and the guitarists are Japanese.
If there are over 2 vocalist after the audition, we can approve both of them.
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