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Look for Nobuo and Yoko Umezawa in France in the 70's, great cooker

27 Jan 2003
:) I am looking for Nobuo and Yoko Umezawa who have been staying in France in my family for several years in the early seventies.
Nobuo was learning the french cooking in several restaurant.
Yoko was kind of a nurse who looked after me Jean-Eudes de Reviers and my brother Franテァois-Rテゥgis.
They came back in France some months in the early eighties when they have been going around all sort of the most famous french restaurants. Nobuo learned a bit more of cooking with most of the most well-known cookers (Bocuse, etc.). They came with their young daughter Ayu. They came back to Japan at an earlier than expected date because of the death of one Nobuo brother.

I need to help us being recognised by more personal details:
Our parents Michel & Marie-Thテゥrティse de Reviers
My Brother Franテァois-Rテゥgis born 11-05-1972
My Sister Anne-Vテゥronique born 16-05-1976
Me Jean-Eudes 17-06-1970
our family adress
13 rue de Montauran
37210 Vouvray
My personal mail: [email protected]

I suspect neither Yoko nor Nobuo speak French or English after those years, but, I hope (I dream of it) someone could identifyu them by their history.
Thanks, whatever information you're able to give me
Salut Jean-Eudes, welcome to the board and good luck with your search! 🙂
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