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Looing for my birth father


15 Mar 2002
My name is Mel. I was told not so long ago that my father is a Japanese sailor from a fishing boat. I was born 8/1/75, so I think that his boat must have docked Wellington harbour in NewZealand between January and April of 1975. My family has told three differant storys that do not add up. My aunty tells me that he sayed with my mother and father. For how long I do not know. My mother and my adopted father say otherwise. Icannot ttrust what they say. I have a photo of him and a possible name. I am trying to look for myself befor I proceed with legal action against my pearents. Dose any one recognise this name. Nga Turo Moretta? I dont Know if I spelt it correctly.

thank you

P.S am I allowed to show a picture of him/ if so hw do I do that.
well 'nga' is a vietnamese girls name if im not mistaken.
if you want to show his picture thats up to you. next time you post click on 'attach file' then find the picture file and it will be added to your message.
Wow, that must have been somewhat shocking to find this out.

I doubt you can do much without the correct & proper name. Probably the last name is Morita. Don't know about the first name, I assume you're trying to spell it phonetically.

Good luck.
still looking for my birth father

my name is melanie. I posted some info early on about looking for my birth father. He came to New Zealand in 1974 as either a engineer or radio operator on a Japanese fishing boat. His boat docked in wellington harbour. I think he visited befor then. He had seen my mother. Her name then was Cristine Donaldson.and she was aged 21-22yrs old. He was 21. This is the only picture I have of him.
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Oh your a bastard child looking for your dad.Hmmm....Well I think that it would be pretty shocking to him to show up at his doorstep like 30 years later.He probably has a family now and I think it wouldn't be wise to bother him and ruin his life like this.So what your doing is pretty selfish and have you even thought of the consequences of your action?
That was a heartless post, I mean extremely bad taste. I don't care what you think or who you are but to say such a thing to a person doing something extremely personal and important to one personality is rude and disgusting. We all should know where we came from and have to right to do so. Melanie I hope you don't take his comments seriously.. I am sure your father would welcome knowing that you have turned out fine. If he had the will to concieve you, then he should at least bear the responsibility of taking some time to be a part of your life. Even if it is now and minor, it should bring some happiness and closure. I cannot help you in your search but I can only wish you the best.

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Check Out His Other Posts !

This kid thinks he has the world figured out in Black&White ! His posts are inflamotory to say the least !

That WAS a heartless post alright!Don't you consider other peoples feelings at ALL!? I don't know my birth father either and I don't know if I ever will, so if she has the guts to look for him and try to see him again GOOD FOR HER! I'm all for it Mel. And don't listen to HIM. :angryfire
Oh!For crying out loud people her birth dad probably has a family now.Do you know Melanie what the consequence of your action.His wife could leave him or never speak to him for a really long time and his kids and grand kids would look at him in disgust.And I'm sure that he spend sometime with you and be apart of your life,but think of the consequences.Yes I do think of other people's feeling but I act cold because sometimes it's the only way to get into people.
As already mentioned, the Father has a responsibility to know and accept a child he has brought into this world.

You seem to be overly worried about the father, but in future please keep the feelings of fellow posters in mind before you write unnecessarily rude posts like you did here.

Melanie is the innocent here and is going through a sensitive and difficult time - and needs our support!

I have already warned you once about your derogatory tone, abrasive language, and overall demeanor towards other members. You've done nothing short of ruffle other people's feathers since the day you registered. Apparently the idea of being civil is a foreign concept with you and frankly I am tired of having to spell out the necessities of being nice when I have already done so once. Consider this your last warning.
Yeah!!! BIG MEANIE!!!!! Being cold gets you nowhere in life. nzueda is right. Melanies father has a responsibility and I'm sure that any family he may have would accept that. I know I would, only someone cold-hearted *coughs slightly* would not understand.
And how do you know this is how her father will react if she does indeed find him? If I was her dad and found that my daughter was alive and well I would try to do something regardless if i've started another faimly already. You have no right to emphasize your opinion on her. Stay out of her affairs unless you have some encouraging words or you have heard anyhting about her dad!
Try contacting the port authories and seeing if they have any records of ships from japan docking at that time. From that you could find out possibly the name of the vessel or the owners of the ship. You could then try contacting the people who own the ship to see if you can get a crew listing.

I dont see any harm in finding out, but contact would have to be thought out carefully. Goodluck! 🙂
hi, ive just read through your posts and am totally saddened by elches posts, they are indeed uncalled for and cruel, obviously this person has been abused by someone in the past and just cant let it go, as it is not a normal balanced reaction, it certainly wasnt thought out with good intentions, so dont listen to the comments just pity them for not being as brave as you, i believe everything happens for a reason, i also believe that what we see and hear is for a reason and everyone is perfect in their own way, elche is perfect, -a perfect example of weakness because you know what people say reflects on them-not you my dear, so take heart and carry on with your search and remember its the journey thats important, my best wishes and thoughts xxx

I am reading this thread for the first time. I hope you have had some luck in finding your father. If not, don't give up!! I'm so sorry you had to endure abuse from ElChe. What Noyhauser had to say was perfect, and I also loved what Nzueda and Ponynut had to say about it. I hope you took their comments to heart and not ElChe's awful comments. I wish you all the luck in finding your father!!

I wish you all the luck in the world Melanie, I hope you find him.
Ewok85's idea sounds like a sound one, give it a go. Its worth a try.
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