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long term stay in japan


10 Dec 2005
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i am singaporean, male, 32 years old,

currently i am working in a semi-conductor manufacturing plant in singapore,

i am currently having a diploma in electronics engineering,

i am only profiocient in chinese and english, although i have taken a basic japanese language course, i have since then forgotten most of it, due to lack of practice,

i will be starting a new basic japanese language course next month and hope to practice more,

my questions :

if i want to go to japan to study, for a under graduate course, what are the chances of me getting a job after i graduate ? is there any internship which i can get with any company during my studies ?

i am thinking of majoring in mass communication, english language, psychology in the undergradute field as i am interested in these areas,

would it be easy to get jobs in these areas of profession in japan ?

another alternative is to teach english after i graduate but i read and heard that caucasians are more prefered as they are seem to be native speakers rather than singaporeans, is it true ?

pls kindly advise my questions,

one last question, what does naturalization means ?

how can i get japanese citizenship without getting married to a japanese girl ?

Mars Man

Rest in Peace
28 Jul 2005
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I wish I could help you out, but I am not in the know on some of those things which you have asked. Now if I get word on them I will reply.

Becoming an naturalized citizen of Japan, without being married to a Japanese national, would be extremely hard, I would think. Getting a job after studying here and having learned a fair amount of Japanese shouldn't be too much of a problem compared to becoming a citizen without getting married.

Is your main purpose to live here in Japan ?


25 Dec 2005
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well I dont think I can be much help, but, have you thought about which University you want to go to?

Cause the majority of the universities teaches in purely Japanese, no English, since you have only done a beginner japanese course, it might be a problem for you


17 Jul 2005
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eric said:
Cause the majority of the universities teaches in purely Japanese, no English, since you have only done a beginner japanese course, it might be a problem for you
This isn't a problem if you get onto the Monbukagakusho program. They provide a very (and I mean very) intensive Japanese tuition course, usually for an entire year before you start proper studies. However I have a nagging voice in the back of my head that says you need to be 30 or under to qualify for the undergraduate program. You may want to check this.
If I'm brutally honest, I would have a slightly pessimistic view of your job prospects in English teaching. It is rather unfortunate, but I think your comment about caucasians generally being preferred, is ineed correct - white skin fits the image of what a Japanese person considers an English speaker to look like. However this is not true in all cases, and by no means suggests you can't get a job.
Outside of English teaching things get even tougher. But again, just because many people struggle to find alternative employment doesn't mean that if you are talented and committed you can't be one of the ones who succeeds.

Sorry if that's a bit vague, but it's really difficult to answer questions like "what are my chances in Japan if I do ABC" because at the end of the day no one can accurately predict the future.
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