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Long shot - Kungfu in Tokyo


28 Apr 2003
Hi All, this is a long shot, but thought I'd give it a try in case anyone reads it who can help.

I'm moving to Tokyo in September (say hi if you're living there now! 🙂 ). I've trained in Chinese kung fu (wing chun) for 8 years and reaaaaaaaally would love to find some people in Tokyo to work out with. Can anyone help?

Arigatou! :)

When you get to Tokyo, pick up a free copy of Metropolis (used to be called Tokyo Classified) - you can get a copy from Tower Records, or look on their website to find out other places to pick one up. When I was there a few years ago, there were one or two Kung Fu classes (I remember there was one in Roppongi) that were advertised in Metropolis.

Alternatively you can send a free classified ad to Metropolis via their website, and ask anyone in Tokyo who trains over there to e-mail you.


Also people who train in Wing Chun often also train in T'ai Chi over there and there are plenty of T'ai Chi classes in Tokyo.

Finally if all else fails, you could always cross-train. I think it might be better to join a good Aikido class in Japan than a bad Wing Chun class. But don't bother with Karate cos its rubbish compared to Kung Fu !!

And have a great time. Tokyo rules !
Karate - just teasing

Just incase anyone is offended by the comment I made about Kung Fu being better than Karate,

I was only teasing !!!

Please don't get all cross and offended ! I'm only a littlebear!

Thanks for the advice littlebear! I'll check out metropolis, and might have a look around for some cross-training opportunities.

Hehe, and don't worry, *I* wasn't offended by the karate comment (how could I be, doing kung fu!). 😄
hi there, I'm chinese male from canada looking for sharedroom around yokohama-kawasaki area. I'm an easy going person and not a smoker.i can pay up to 40,000-50,0000 yen per month.
let me know a.s.a.p 090-844-27128
Chinese Wingchun Kuen & WuZu Quan Kungfu is available too!
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