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Long lost friend from Naha, Okinawa


12 Jan 2004
.Miss Chikako Yamashiro, although her last name must be different now, is a skinny 5窶?窶 tall with darker complexion for Japanese. Miss Yamashiro and I shared an apartment in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo between 1977 to 1979 soon after the graduation from Chiyoda Business College.
After I moved to Washington state in 1981 to marry an American we kept writing for few years, but gradually faded away. I recieved the last one in around 1988, she was back to Naha-shi working as a programmer. She is a Christian. Her father's name is Shunichi Yamashiro and she has a younger brother who, I believe, still live in the same house though the adress may be changed. She put up with my difficult health problem during the time, and I feel obligated to say 窶弋hank you,窶 to her.
Waiting for hearing anything about her.
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