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lonely ...


22 Jun 2004
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My best friend (and when i say best friend I mean we shared the best times from practicing hashi to loosing our way drunk in Tokyo station). anyway , this best friend has left back to her country. She was gone 2 weeks ago , yes we still email and stuff. But all of a sudden I feel so sabishii (lonely) :(
It could be cause we have lived *almost* together for more than 4 months now. But everynight since she's gone , Tokyo feels so big and cold ...

Today I almost cried myself out on the way back home. I still have other friends , but I don't even feel like talking to them, as much lonely as I feel from inside. I don't know how to explain this , it really hurts ..

any suggestions anyone ?? (please don't tell me to join a club , not in this cold weather !)


26 Feb 2005
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That's too bad-I know what it's like to lose a friend.
You might feel sad for a while but I'm sure with time things will pick up again. If you don't feel like seeing your other friends then don't force yourself. Sooner or later you'll feel like socializing again and then you will. It's a natural progression. Perhaps keep in mind that however valuable your friend is, you can make new friends too, who might turn out to be just as close. It's possible too that you are feeling the departure of your friend really intensely precisely because you are in a foreign city (I assume) and you don't have other important people around you? Maybe look at this as an opportunity to cultivate some new and important friendships with other people who are also willing. You need to have a strong network of people you can trust when you are in a big city like Tokyo. Ever considered living in a gaijin house? ナ陳ウ窶ケC窶堋セ窶堋オ窶堙??堙ヲツ!
10 Mar 2005
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OMG!! why she left?! :( And wher she live? Meybe you can visit her?! This is sooo romantic *.* I relly don't know what you can do (I never got a friend, soo I don't know this felling when he is gone) but this is sooo cute :D


25 Jan 2005
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Wait. You live in Tokyo. Are you japanese? Or do you just live there? When did you move?

Anyways.. loosing a friend (or, you didn't really lose her, she just went away) is always really tough and sad. There's really not much you can do to ease the pain, since you guys were such good friends.. But you should keep the contact with her.
And try to get other friends to hang out with - no matter how boring they might seem to you now! I'm sure you'll eventually find that some of your other friends are actually great to spend some time with too! OR you might try and meet some new people.. there are loads of them, and since you're in Tokyo.. there should be SOMEONE out there who's cool to hang out with, or get lost with, or share whatever with...

Hang in there. Don't be too sad... (at least you're in Tokyo...)

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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May I Suggest......

Make more friends on the Forum here to chat with. Boy it can make the time fly and chatting with someone often really helps you to get to know them. I think all of us who have been away from home for a while have periods where we feel sad, lonely and sometimes homesick. Good luck!




18 Feb 2005
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someone once said to me:
Sadness is a great inspiration for creativity.
Although i believe the word 'depression' was used in place of sadness.
either way, i believe it to be true and it has been at times of great sadness that i have managed to be creative.
that is why i'm not creative now...my periods of sadness don't last long enough for me to ever complete anything i start.

i hope this helps and i can only assure you misery can not last forever.
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