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London photographer shooting for takeo kikuchi show on 14th april in tokyo


15 Mar 2002
Im in tokyo for 5 days from th 14th of April and as well as shooting for Takeo Kikuchi and Pen magazine (1 day) I have to find a copy of a pop promo (music video) a friend directed and produced. The band was called Harvest i think and the song was maby called good times. I think it was produced in 1998.
Please help!!!!
If anyone could advise me of good places to go or show me around im staying in a hotel in the Shibura district.
Hi there Laurence.

I'm not too familiar with the band Harvest, but i believe this is their official website. The song you're looking for is probably called Good Day.

You should check out some second hand cd shop in Tokyo to see if they have any VCD's of this band.
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