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17 May 2003
Heres a quick update on the Login Event in Tokyo. A lot of energy is building around Login and the list of official sites attending has grown.

Update on guests attending so far;

Joi Ito's Web (Joichi Ito)
FrontPage - Joi Ito Wiki (Joichi Ito)
Joi Ito's Web - JP (Joichi Ito)
sushicam.com - Domain Name For Sale | Dan.com (Jeff)
TokyoShoes (Nadine)
Follow This Great Article About Soccer To Help You Wire Farm (Jim)
乳酸菌サプリメントのランキング - 人気サプリを徹底比較! (Megan Jane)
Stuart Woodward (Stuart)
Video Link Japan - Video Blog From Tokyo (Lars)
Kevin Ryan in Tokyo (Kevin)
http://radio.weblogs.com/0118995/ (Chris, Ore no buloggu)
http://x.box.sk (Damon)
Bastish.net (kevin)
http://www.bastish.net/mfop/ (kevin)
Big in Japan On Tour (Seth)
gen kanai weblog – Established October 2000 (Gen)
http://yoda.zoy.org/neurones/ (Olivier)

Video Streamers
Tokyodv.com (Freedom)
robpongi.com (Rob)
Wireless Watch Japan (Lars)
Video-Link.com Inc. (Lars)

Art & Culture
http://www.gallerypax.com (Ikuzo)
streetphoto.jp (Akira)
http://yoda.zoy.org/photos/ (Olivier)

English Teaching Jobs & Private Language Tutor Positions in Japan. Teach private and group lessons English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe, Chiba, Fukuoka, Niigata, Sapporo etc - GetStudents.net (Stefan)
http://www.kanjisite.com (Admin)
http://www.enfour.co.jp/tangotown/ (Tracey)
http://www.eikaiwa.net (Jimmie)

Japan Related Content
http://www.fuckedgaijin.com (Some members)
http://www.bigempire.com sake drenched postcards (Brett)
http://www.letsjapan.org (Shawn)
http://www.japanreference (Some Forum Moderators attending)

News & Media
http://metropolis.japantoday.com (Mark & Staff)
http://www.japantoday.com (Mark & Staff)
http://www.japaninc.com (Some staff members)
Wireless Watch Japan (Lars)
http://www.samurai.fm (Hash)
http://japan.box.sk (myself and boxsters)
http://www.infonihon.com (Ricardo Souza & Chinatsu Ikeno)

Companies & Organizations
http://www.crisscross.com (Mark Devlin)
http://www.moderndining.com (Greg, Matt & Stefan)
http://www.boxnetwork.net (Damon, box network representative Japan)
http://www.hellonetwork.com (Tim)
http://www.inter.net (Peter)
http://www.mptech.co.jp (Celio, Solution Dept)
http://www.international-promotion.com/ (Paul Consalvi)
http://www.nextunit.com (Paul Consalvi Managing Director)
http://www.dynamicweb.jp (Soeren Laursen)
http://www.globalsupertel.com (Hamid)
http://www.enfour.com (tracey)
http://www.geplastics.co.jp/jpn/ (Andrew)
http://www.the-powerplant.com (Chirs)
http://www.gh-desire.com (Kei Saitou)
http://www.ichibanweb.com (Jimmie)
http://www.bbapply.com (Jimmie)
http://www.w3.org/People/olivier/ (Olivier)
http://www.newcore.jp/TWWDI/ (Terri)

Mail me if you would like to come and want your site on the official list.

Hoping everyone is free on Sunday the 27th of July, at the Ruby Room 7pm - 12 Midnight. 1000 Yen with free drink. Kasumi Bldg., Dogenzaka 2-25-17, Shibuya-ku. (Two minutes walk from Shibuya 109) Tel:03-3780-3022. http://www.moderndining.com. Hosted by http://japan.box.sk & Atomic Taxi. For more information mail: [email protected]
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