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Living in Japan with Pets, accomodation?


1 Apr 2007
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Hi all,
I know I may sound like one of those anime-otakus and stuff, but I'm quite serious and not into anime at all anymore 😌

I'm almost 25, single female, student in script and directing, part-time escort girl, and I've grown up moving from country to country: Israel, Poland, Ireland, Germany, and now I've been stuck in Belgium for the last 10 years which is far too long for my feeling. When I'm in a country for that long, the everything starts to disgust me and I no longer unpack boxes after moving within the country, hoping to get the hell out. I got this aversion to settling.

Now my 2 only countries of interest are my native country, Israel, but I don't plan on getting my pets involved in a war. Plus, due to circumstances I'd be forced to join the army or do time instead, and if I get killed, who takes care of my hairballs?
So that leaves Japan. I've been there several times and by now, navigating around the country and interacting with the people and getting my way (I speak Japanese, although sometimes I stutter and must yet learn many more kanji) has become little harder than it is in Belgium. I've learnt all Japanese manners and gestures, too.

Now, most areas of Tokyo are a no-go due to rental prices - except maybe Sanya/Minami-Senju? I've stayed there and the area doesn't seem that expensive. Does anyone know more about that place? It's extremely poor with many homeless elderly people.
Then there's Yokosuka, which doesn't look like a high ticket city either.
I've also fallen in love with America-Mura in Osaka, although that area didn't look cheap but I didn't pay attention really, but I like Osaka's people and their temper 👍
So basically, it's fine if it's poor, criminal, red-light, filthy or whatever, just as long as it's affordable and not too far from civilization like my current village or Hakone or Omaezaki (oh the trauma!). House, garden, shower, pet permission, all day public transport. Bingo.

Pet permission! The problem! I have 5 (or maybe only 4 anymore ;__;) cats and 2 large Akita dogs. And unlike some, I'm not likely to desert them, actually they're the reason I'm still living in this horrible village. But I wonder how "easy" it will be for me to find a place with them. In Belgium, it is natural to have (rent or buy) a house with a garden for yourself which I know is reserved for the rich in Japan. But sometimes I see such shabby houses with small neglected gardens in Japan, that I have to wonder whether they can cost so much more than maybe 700 euros a month? I'm talking about those totally ragged houses with algae climbing up the walls and the cooler making unhealthy noises and stuff. And the people I've seen living there don't look like they got a good or any income, either.
I currently pay 500 euros a month, all charges included, for 100 square meters of house and 30 square meters of garden, but it doesn't need to be that large at all.

As for work perspectives, I'm confident to find something as a director, or cameraman, sound mixer, editor, actress, script writer (anything related to TV/film production and audiovisual arts), photographer, reporter, writer, escort, bartender, teaching English/French/German/Dutch and maybe a visual artist which would be my last choice. In short: media-related work is great for me but I also know how to gut and sell fishies or handle living animals.
I know registration and signing contracts have a reputation of being difficult for foreigners without a garantor, but all in due time...

First of all, I'd need a home and your advice would be greatly appreciated! 😌 Thanks :)

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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I bumped two old threads up to the top for you.

They had a lot of info on pets & Japan.

Uncle Frank



Just me
20 Aug 2003
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5 cats and a dog? Don't expect anyone to let you rent with them.


19 Feb 2008
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What a truly fascinating OP..... It was an interesting read. Thank you. You should post the script in its entirety somewhere. 😊
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