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Living Expenses

21 Feb 2006
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For those of you, currently residing in Japan. How expensive is to stay in Japan, apart from housing.
For instance, How expensive are groceries / mo. for a single person, Phone / mo., electricity / mo., internet access / mo. etc.
I know it may vary from city to city, but I was just curious to know. If someone could provide this info, that would be great.

Thanks for the replys.


Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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More important than variance from city to city is the variance from individual to individual.

I suppose you are looking at coming over on some sort of English teaching gig. If this is the case, you may rest assured that a normal full-time salary will provide sufficient funds for you to keep body and soul together, no matter the city. Some people manage to stash away a good bit of cash out of their income. Others live on the thin edge of perpetual poverty. The point is: It is doable and you won't suffer or starve if you have normal habits and tastes and are able to budget yourself in your current situation. The skills will carry over here as well.


I just remembered you were head-hunted to come over here. One may assume that you will have a more than ample income and a company-assigned "minder" to get you settled in and wipe your butt for you for a while. I would suggest that minor things like you asked about should be shoved to the back of your mind and not given a second thought. Just concentrate on looking forward to your new experience.
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