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25 Oct 2003
Hey guys! I'm gonna be in Nagoya next year, and I was just wondering what the "night life" is there. I'm 19 right now, but I'll turn 20 when I'm there.

Is there a lot of stuff to do? Like go clubbing and stuff? What are the clubs like? (In Nagoya or Tokyo or even in Kyoto).

Also, I'm really interesting in what Japanese movie theaters are like. I used to live in the Czech Republic, and they never dubbed over movies---they only used sub titles. Is this the same with most Japanese movie theaters, or do they dubb???

Thanks guys!!!

Oh, and if anyone is going to be in Japan next year, feel free to e-mail me or IM!

e-mail:[email protected]
IM: CernaKrasna84

I am actually moving to Nagoya soon (next month) and I have done a little preliminary research on what kind of nightlife the city has to offer. Located between Nagoya station and Sakae, Fushimi and Nishiki 3-chome appear to be the hub for nightlife. A few places of interest to note that cater to Westerners include:

Nagoya Hard Rock Cafe: Popular restaurant and bar.
Shooter's Sports Bar and Grille (American): Large menu of American fare, pool tables, and live broadcasts of sporting events back home.
Jerry's Uno (Mexican): Best Tacos in town supposedly.
La Porte Marseille (French): Upscale French Bistro.
Tiger Cafe (French): Reasonably priced menu includes French cuisine, baked goods, and appetizers in addition to being open very late.
Gary's Motown: Restaurant and bar that features nightly foreign bands performing Motown, Soul, and R&B tunes.
The Sizzler: Popular steak joint with an all-you-can-eat salad bar/buffet.
id Cafe: Apparently this is the most popular dance club in town.
Parsley: Another club but a bit more upscale and trendy.

Of course these are just a few of the more notable places where foreigners can relax and unwind. Personally, I prefer to spend most of my time with the locals in Japanese establishments anyways.

Re: Japanese movie theaters, they are for the most part the same as in America albeit much cleaner and with larger screens (and most have auditorium-style seating if memory serves). Movies are shown in English and subtitled in Japanese. Don't be surprised though if after the movie is over and the credits start to roll no one leaves until the credits have finished (must be a Japanese thing 8-p). Downtown Nagoya seems to have quite a few cinemaplexes relatively close to each other. Here are some just to name a few:

Cinema Skhole
Grand Movie Theater (Mainichi Bldg.)
Grand Movie Theater (Toyota Bldg.)
Picadilly Movie Theater
Meitetsu Toho Movie Theater


I'm going to be going to Chubu University so I know I'm gonna have to unwind sometime! How long are you planning to be in Nagoya???

I would love to check out Jerry's Uno, Shooters Bar, Parsley and Grille and Gary's Motown. :D

I'm so exited!
I am planning on being there for at least a year, maybe more. While my apartment will be based in Nagoya, the nature of my work will have me traveling extensively throughout all of Japan on assignment (and frequently at that). Who knows, maybe we'll run into each other some point.
also, be prepared to spend 1600-1900 en for one showing... It's way exspensive!

I'll be in Japan for the next year or two, But I live quite far from Nagoya so doubt the meeting, But I'm interested in how you got to go to a college in Japan, did it cost alot or did you get a scholarship?

I wanted/want to do college in Japan, but lack the Mola to do it hehe.

I'll contact via messenger, feel free to ask anything there~
movies? i heard on wednesdays, women get a cheaper price? $3? $6?
i listen mostly to club jazz/bossa/breaks/techno/house/dub, ergo, most of my bookmarks roll around there
but post what genres specifically interested in, and i might be able to find some pages (probably pages with japanese fonts, just warning in advance :)) for events in a specific area...
one of the bothers in kyoto jazz massive actually owns a club in kyoto (i herd) i'll see if i can get some specific info on that
Originally posted by budd
movies? i heard on wednesdays, women get a cheaper price? $3? $6?

here at least, Ladies Day is 1,000窶ー~. The closest cinema is an hour away for me
I really wanted to see NZ's 'Whale Rider' but it didn't even get this far ....:eek:
Most of the movie theatres in my area are quite old, and not especially clean. They used to run shows all day to nearly empty houses, then close up in the evening, which I found extremely odd. Now they stay open later, and a couple of nice new cinemas have opened. The price is generally 1800 yen for adults. (about $16 US) Going to the movies really isn't that popular in Japan. Most people would rather watch at home.
Iron Chef said:
Sorry, I don't divulge personal info on message boards.
Except in the previous post, where you revealed you'll be currently living in Nagoya? :p
i'ma leave that alone :)
anyway, what kind of clubs? what type of genre?
nm, i'll just google the names above
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