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Live from Andorra


free spirit
29 Oct 2002
Hi guys!

Well the world is going to hell so I decided to cool my head in Andorra... and finally learn to ski. :D

I'll drink one for everyone one of you. :)

These crazy Andorrans like warm wine... :p
Enjoy your stay in the mountains, Luis. And Happy Birthday, even if it's a few days late!


Btw, here we also drink warm wine in winter. Heavy stuff, lol.
Doh! Happy belated B-day :cool: Just remember one thing... don't drink and ski at the same time. 8-p
Nah... Just water. Plenty of water. In the last few days it was so hot that some people were just using t-shirts while skiing.
Today is my last day and its cloudy and foggy outside. It's a surreal show since it snowed last night and... me without my camera. Aaargh!! It's about 2000 meters below in the hotel....

Well, my friends finally arrived so I'm off to prepare things to leave.
I'll post some images as soon as I get home.

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