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14 Mar 2002
I am too happy and excited to withhold the news any longer: I am going to upgrade our directory to LinksSQL, Gossamer Thread's "flagship product"! We are currently using the good old Links 2.0, a perl script based on flat files. It served us well, but with the number of links growing significantly it has reached its technical limits.

I have just transferred our database to a test installation, the script is blazing fast - what a quantum leap for jref.com! How we managed to acquire the product? Wait for the next news release.

I expect the upgrade to take place within the next ten days.

😄 YEEHAW!! 😄
I'm sorry for neglecting the forum lately, but the directory upgrade keeps me really busy! I wish the day had 48 hours!


I am still working on my test installation, but I am confident to conclude the switch to LinksSQL next week. I would like to integrate the forum user database, because the new script allows for the appointment of editors. So in case you stumble over a nice link, you can just add it to our directory, lol.
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