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Limited Edition xbox's


13 Aug 2003
How come Japan and other countrys where the xbox console isn't selling well, gets all these limited edition versions of xbox's? I mean if Japan would rather stick to the hardware thats home to them, what makes them think a flashier version of some foriegn paperweight appeal more to the public? I know I would like one of those limited edition, clear cased xbox's, but NoOOo all we get is some ugly mountain dew version, which looks like bill gates himself, drank himself one too many mountain dew's to make him vomit all over a case... -.- :mad:
Japanese have a thing for anything that's limited edition. Look at the music-industry for instance. No major album is released without a limited edition version.

It's all marketing research actually. Apparently nobody cares about limited editions in the West. We buy the damn machines anyway.
Ah, well I have a thing for limited editions >.< but I guess they wont come here just for this one person haha
Well, there's bound to be some import stores in the US that have them. But then you'll have a Japanese X-Box, which needs to be modded to play US games.
they are cheaper too! last december, i saw one for 12400 en, gamecube next to it was 13800 en
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