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3 Nov 2002
Source: LifeGem - Ashes to Diamonds

High-quality created diamonds have been present for many years. These diamonds are created by placing carbon, the primary element of all diamonds, in conditions that recreate the forces of earth. We merely choose an exact carbon source to create a beautiful and meaningful memorial for you and your family.

Simply put, we have discovered how to capture the carbon that was always present, and until now, lost during cremation. Once captured, this carbon is placed in one of our unique diamond presses replicating the awesome forces of nature 窶 heat and pressure. A diamond that takes millions of years to occur naturally can now be created from the carbon of your loved one in a matter of weeks.

The entire process of creating this beautiful, unique, and certified LifeGem memorial diamond involves cremation, creation, and faceting.
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"Cremation Association of North America". It took me a while to get it. Macabre.

Well... it's the old immortality scam! My question is what would make anyone think that their carbon is so special that it would make for any better a diamond than your average $20 cubit zirconium at K-Mart? Yes... it's a cool idea to think that some of me will continue to exist here for millions of years in the form of a diamond. But... is my carbon actually me? From a Zen perspective, if I could really find "me" then it might be cool to turn that into a diamond. I guess it's all symbolic, and a way for the grieving to cope, but how would they feel if somehow the diamond were lost or stolen? Pretty crappy I would think. Better put my ashes in a really tacky paperweight if you don't want anyone to steal them.

I think it was Shinran that said, "just feed me to the fishies." And I take a similar position. By whatever cheapest means my body can be transported to the cheapest crematorium and turned to ash... this is my way. After the whole Conyers Georgia crematory scam, where they buried the bodies in the back yard instead of actually cremating them, you never can be too careful. In my state they will actually allow the family to watch as the body is being rolled into the fire, so you know whose ashes you get on the other side.

I have no romantic ideas of where the ashes should be scattered either. My wife could bundle them up in an old grocery bag and drop em down the trash shoot to the dumpster below our apartment building for all I care. It's not like I'm leaving my wife any real money when I die, heck... I don't even have any life insurance. I told her that if the mortuary tries to sell her some fancy urn to keep the ashes in, that she should simply produce an empty coffee can from her purse and tell them to dump it in there.

Then she can go right out to K-Mart and buy a diamond solitaire necklace with the money she saved. Carbon is carbon, so she can think of me when she looks at her K-Mart "memorial diamond."

p.s. You might have noticed on their website that LifeGem is also targeting Japanese people for their market because cremation and (Confucian) ancestor worship are both very popular in Japan. This is why I thought that this topic might be appropriate for the Japan Forum.
haha, ever since 13 I've been wanted to be cremated and used in place of salt to melt the ice on the steps leading up to the front door.

Reishauer was much more romantic and wanted to be dumped in the ocean so that his ashes could connect Japan and the States.

hmm, I don't know if I want to be put on somebody's finger unless it was the middle one.
I'm also very much in favor of cremation. However, carrying grandma's lifegem in my purse is another thing. Being the old law bore that I am I'm not even sure it's legal over here. I just want my ashes to be dumped into the blue Danube.

i am trying to find out why anyone might consider doing a life gem....how about for a pet? i read on teh life gem webpage that they can make up to 100 diamond out of a single person!
thats alot of diamonds from a dead body, why dont they just make all 100 and sell them, since most famlies would only get 1 diamond anyhow. or they could make one huge diamond and sell it for buku bucks. as far as im concerned whoever is around when i die can put me in a burlap sack with a couple big rocks and toss my *** in the ocean.
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