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Lie about the person above



I hope this is in the right spot. I don't see any other place to put games and gohan93 put a game in here so I guess this will be ok. Alright, the rules are simple, all you have to do is tell a lie about the person above. (wow this games pretty hard :p )
He says, "I am a liar."
You need not be Cretan to be incredible.
If you choke a smurf what color does it turn ?
desperate ?
I Heard It Through The Grape Vine !!

Lexico is a CIA agent who reports all anti-American statements posted on this Forum directly to Presidant Bush !! BEWARE!! Your keyboard is wire-tapped!!


:eek: :? :mad: :keitai: :smoke: :bikkuri: :devilish: :sick: 😲 :eek:


BEWARE: Frank is his sidekick in kahoots with the KBG.

He is highly armed and dangerous. Deadly Force is authorized.
Rudel doesn't only fly airplanes, but he swoops around above the field in a chopper looking for shiny plants.
Look out!
Misa was born in New York and teaches English for Geos in Hokkaido. She's lived in Japan for two years but doesn't speak a word of Japanese. On her last vacation she went to North Korea and had dinner with Kim Jong (sp?) and convinced him that if he didn't get nuclear weapons he's a total wuss. She also appeared on Fear Factor recently and lost because she wouldn't eat scorpions.
Brooker is a proffesional chef at a New York bistro but, during his off time, runs a considerabley profitable crime ring. He is wanted in 6 countries on three different continents.
Clawn likes to yell at kids who like to dance on tool sheds, and kidnaps little kittens and feeds them to Domo-kuns.

Doc actually used to be a real doctor until an unfortunate situation when his watch fell off during surgery without him noticing and he stiched the patient up with the watch inside. Now he sells cotton candy and sometimes works at the ring toss booth at state fairs. He also sometimes does freelance breat enlargement surgeries in exchange for bus tokens.
Brooker is a vampire; in other words, he drinks blood for fun.
He was born under the fool moon in a secluded cave in the Transylvaian forest.
He moved to America in the guise of a wax vampire "Vlad" for the local wax museum in Hollywood, and excaped in the heavy rainstorm sometime summer 1997.
He was drenched and exhausted when he arrived in Washington hitch-hiking, leaving a long trail of bodies behind him. Because he had so much rain and fun then, he is addictied to rain. No surprise.
Ever since residenst have been missing in unusual numbers. They all bore canine fang marks in their necks -- directly sunk into the arteries.
His musical talent all owes to the magical powers of the bloody beverage he enjoys somewhat like the phantom.
I have seen the glare in his eyes; thank god it was on-line !
He likes pretty women for his nightly snacks; all female forum members beware !
But when in shortage, there's no knowing whom he will strike next !
If you are walking alone in heavy rain, always have your neck wrapped in fortified plastic neck supports, and don't talk to strangers or forum acquaintances you've never met. It could be him !
He is allergic to cat fur; try wrapping one around if you can.
He is extremely handsome and slick, until the fangs so sweetly sinks ! :20:
Lexico enjoys stalking old ladies for their canes, and has a foot fungus fetish.

Doc :D
Brooker said:
I hope this wasn't part of the lie. :D Good one Lex.

Ok, skip me on the next one.
I apologise for the slack; that part was the truth as you might have noticed starting from "pretty women."
I excercised a bit of poetic license for artistic effect ! :devilish:

I'll pass this time also. ;-)
lexico lives in a cave with his 5 giant snail friends that bring him whatever he needs, even a dictionary for ancient Icelandic language.
He goes fishing every Tuesday to catch fresh wild salmon even though he doesn't eat them at all, he just gives them to his neighbors who always ask him why he doesn't know anything about language and things related to language.
Nice one, Misa. It really sounds like heaven to me; so much better than living with 72 virgins. With all the slimy snails I can bond to, and who can read ! It's almost like a fairy tale ! Thank so much ! :haihai: 😄 😆

Misa is an abbotess leading the local Zen retreat center. She is also the 47th generation down from master Dharma from whom descends the secret art of the 12 Shaolin martial arts. Becaus she has also meditated in Lhasa, and Calcutta, she has the mental concentration to lift herself up -- actually the transcendental meditation folks used to be Misa's personal secretaries who ran off with one of her outdated curriculum on breathing; unfortunately what they took was only half. They know how to go up, but they can't get down because they left before Misa could teach them the safe landing meditation.

Right now, she is doing research in group meditation to stop wars and bring world peace. It only takes 10 people to sit around and breathe concentrating and relaxing around the idea of compassion and peaceful coexistence of all living and inanimate object. She think she can even pursuade the Sun to cool down a little because the Sun can also feel compassion for all the heat-chaffed humans on earth. She says, the Navajos gave her the Sun-link; and tells us to thank them when it gets cooler. *om mani padme hum~* :genji:

*I'll pass this time. ;-)*
Lexico is a fugitive who's wanted in South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia. He's been wrongly accused of murdering his wife, but there are no other suspects that a are linked to the crime. Right now, he is currently hiding in a small town in France. 😊
Ma Cherie does not, in fact, attend the University of Missouri Kansas City. She is actually pretending to be an aerobics teacher at a retirement village near Tucson, but in reality she is an espionage agent employed by the Japanese government and is hot on the trail of my uncle, a dangerous spy who enjoys golf in Arizona. She has a fetish about eating grass, but can't stand anything yaoi. She has a son who is currently in England in Yarls Wood detention centre.
that Rich swallowed, lip-smacking, and figured out recipes for string cheese and edible string bikinis in a dream that night.
What a productive dream that was!

Lexico masterminded the building of the great pyramids - he's lying about his age.
I read a book on Egyptology. It's true.
Rich, the only survivor of a doomed flight to the Carribeans, has had reconstructive surgery 3 times in the past year due to an illness that causes his skin to rapidly decompose and is selling off various stolen artifacts to pay for the operations.
Clawn is a doctor Moro`s apprentice, who run off the island and now is disguising himself as a nurse at hospital. But when the night falls h sneaks into the lab and...
Void is really a man who lives on the Yorkshire moors and only comes out at night to nibble the toenails of passing hikers.
and at the times when river-horse Mycernius drops by they have a drink of bitter marsh ale together
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void is really a pirate hooker that sails the seas in search of the perfect hairy man or woman to call their own.
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