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[Libra of the Vampire Princess] Bishoujo VN Kickstarter!


14 Oct 2015
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Hi everyone! Nice to meet you.

MiKandi Japan checking in from Akihabara, Tokyo! :D

We wanted to let everyone know we've been working directly with XERO to have an official English translation of their upcoming game 'Libra of the Vampire Princess'. If you love bishoujo, chuunibyou, and of course vampires, you'll want to put this on your VN radar!

LotVP was Greenlit on Steam just one week after submitting, so we are very excited to see that there is interest in having more Japanese VNs sent to the West. We will be launching a Kickstarter around the same time the Japanese version of the game is released (end of October), and we hope to meet our goal to make the translation happen.

Some of you might already know of XERO's label onomatope*: a popular bishoujo label in Japan that is starting to gain attention internationally.

Free Trial (Japanese Version Only)
Just last night, XERO released a free trial available for download and play. We'd love for anyone with an interest in getting a preview of the game to try it out and leave us some feedback. Please visit our MiKandi Japan homepage for the free trial and Kickstarter details!

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.


MiKandi Japan and XERO

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