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Iron Chef

Rest in Peace
26 Feb 2003
1500+ members and counting... And here I can remember just a few short months ago posting a similar thread on reaching our 1000th member. A special thanks to Thomas, everyone else involved with the site in some capacity, and most importantly our member base for making this site into the wonderful community it has become (not to mention one of the best on the web, hands down). Cheers!

**Fires up the grill to feed 1500**
Kudos is due to all members here at the forum as well as to our dedicated team. Thanks for your tremendous efforts and your enthusiastic participation!

Hey, Iron Chef, weren't you the one who who had decided to not spend your summer in front of the computer, take your leave of the boards, and locked your goodbye thread because you "wouldn't be checking back anyways"? Were you even gone a month?

Don't expect me to get all teary-eyed again the next time you say your goodbyes!

Actually, I did take off after posting I would be leaving (and yes, it WAS for over a month). Unfortunately, taking extensive road trips tends to drain the coffers rather quickly and I soon found myself short on cash and having to work full-time like a regular stiff (at least until school starts back up again). More importantly, why do you even care so much that you felt the need to post this in a thread completely unrelated? Not that I feel as if I should have to explain myself or my actions to you, but I ask again, why do you care and why are you bringing this up here and now? Got a beef with me I should be aware of? Apparently I missed something as I have never been anything but cordial with you in the past...

"Don't expect me to get all teary-eyed again the next time you say your goodbyes!"

Um... the only reason I made a goodbye thread and locked it was for the benefit of those members with whom I came to call my friends so they would know of my leave of absence as opposed to abruptly leaving or sending PM's to everyone. If I wanted people to get "teary-eyed" I wouldn't have locked it or more importantly I would have made a "I'm back, miss me?" thread if I was an attention ***** when I returned some time ago. Which I did not. So, that being said... what's up with the 'tude dude?
I was jesting, dude. Why do you think I put in the bouncing smiley thing? I almost never use those but I put it in to make it obvious. Anyway thanks for the 'planation. As to why this thread -- because this is the one where it occurred to me. And, besides, you locked the goodbye thread, so I couldn't very well revive it.
Heh, no worries then mate. Sometimes I read too much into things I guess, my bad. :cool:
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