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Let's See If any media outside Japan carries this story


I believe in the death penalty for things like that ! BUT, I'd take the guy to a large shopping mall the next day and hold a public beheading with lots of media coverage.
They'll decide he's unstable, give him some pills, have him talk to a shrink, and release him in a year or so.
Poor kids !!!

What a shame. It never ceases to amaze me how much people can hate.

There should be a Department of Ironic Punishment; force him to watch happy Japanese children play outside of his cell all day.
This is a topic that could perhaps make it into the news outside of Japan and Korea, but I'm afraid it would not be reported from the point of view of the Japan-South/NorthKorea-relation.
It is unbelievable, that children have to suffer from hate, that was planted so long ago. But it happens in many countries. I personally don't understand why being of different nationality can create so much hate, although I was raised in a country with the darkest of histories of that kind. Though Germany was not on the suppressed but the supressing side. So I can't compare that to Korea...
Japan could do more against that hate, I think. Only last November my Japanese friend told me that there is still no chance to speak about WWII in Japan and that she admires that in Germany we even have movies about what happened e.g. to the Jews (thanks to Britain, the States etc.)
I think, the only way to overcome such a kind of hate is to get to know the people. To have an exchange between the/all nations, because only like that we can learn to understand, tolerate, like or even love other cultures.
Hey, and this forum is one part of that! So many people from many different backgrounds united in one passion, that is one way to open up and get to know how other people are living, thinking...
And here everybody is so friendly and intersted and helpful and open... we're on the right way, I think...
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