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Legitimacy of a Japanese company

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Paal Kaloti

11 Jan 2018
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How can I find out of the legitimacy and registration of a Japanese company called "Autoexpert Japan" with their website "autoexpert.jp". I am trying to import some vehicles from them and sent them some money already but I am not getting anywhere. Nore i am getting any vehicles or my money refunded. I will appreciate if someone can tell me how to deal with this issue. Thanks in advance.
I can't find any company registered in Kaagawa Prefecture under the name they list in their bank account information.


The address they give is an apartment. (Which doesn't necessarily mean anything. Lots of companies in Japan operate from offices located in apartments).

Fourth floor of this building:


I find it suspicious that they include a banner at the top of their page warning against fake invoices.
You're very welcome. So glad I could help. Please don't mention it.
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