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Learning the Japanese language

8 Nov 2003
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Hi all,

I would like to learn the Japanese language so that I can communicate with the Onagadori Center in Kochi. I realize that it will take many years, and even still I may never comepletely learn. However, I am willing to give it a good try. I have been looking at various sources online about sentence structure and such. I don't understand much, but I'm learning... I think.

My computer can translate (I use that word loosely) somethings, but I'm certain that most of it is not correct. It can make characters if I know the romaji. I only hope they are the right ones.

I have worked for a few days now on the letter pictured below. I would like pointers on any mistakes. I also want to be polite and not make any grammatical accidents that could be perceived as being rude. I read online that first talking about the weather, season, or how one is doing is more polite that jumping right to the topic of discussion.

Some sentences I did myself and others are ones from online that I changed to suit the use. If I knew propper grammer it would be nice, but right now I'll setting for it being understandable if I can't grasp all of the concepts of the language at once.
Thanks all.



10 Nov 2004
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Mr. Gardener,

I've sent you a private message. :)
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