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(Learning German) German language vs English language

13 Jan 2005
I'm thinking of studying German in the near future. There are some doubts that I want to clear:

Does German grammar have as many irregularities :angryfire as English grammar?

What type of tenses exist in the German language?

What are German verbs & nouns like?

Is German word pronounciation as hard as English word pronounciation:mad: ? Or is the (German) pronounciation as simple as that of the Japanese language?

Do many non-German books get translated into German?

To what extent is the German language used in Australia, New Zealand & Japan?

Those who have studied both languages, please tell me as much as possible about the differences between the two languages.


Note: Currently, I do not know any German at all except for a few words like 'Guten Tagg', 'achtung', ☝ etc.
Well, I first have to admit that I studied German for only one year at school and have forgotten nearly all of it. :sorry:
But, because I can never resist poking my nose in...
I found German grammar quite difficult because it has four different cases, which English does not have. But the pronunciation isn't complicated (I mean, to read from what is written). I think it's harder than Japanese, but it isn't excruciatingly difficult.
Verbs are at the end of the sentence, like Japanese.
It has tenses, like English and French, and nouns change as well as verbs.
About the books and the use of German, I have no idea.
That is just my two cents worth... :p

And as to how easy it is to learn, it really depends on you... I know some people who have started and learned German quickly and found it quite easy, whereas other people find it hard.

When my Japanese has become more advanced, and I'm no longer paying so much time to it, I am considering learning German. 👍 (At present I speak only French and English :( )
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