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learning again after 1 year break.


7 Jul 2008
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my name is alex, a 22 year old DJ living in BC. i have studied japanese before for around 2 years (but i never felt like i learned very much)
i've taken about a 1.5 year break from learning due to certain circumstances, so i am a little rusty. i'm going back to school this september and will be taking it there (hopefully).
i'd like to brush up a bit to say the least, so i'm hoping i can learn a thing or two from this site.
btw... i also haven't watched a good anime in a while. can anyone recommend a good comedy/romance series? i remember liking love hina, fruits basket and chobits.
i never liked sifting through all the bad series out there, but i'd like to get into watching a series again, just to familiarize myself with the language if nothing else. for some reason shows like naruto just don't cut it for me. any recommendations?
i think that's it for an intro from me. oh, and if anyone likes happy hardcore on here (a type of dance music), let's talk! if not... well that's even better. :D

Mars Man

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28 Jul 2005
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From the heart of Japan, WELCOME to JREF! Yeah, I'm sure you brush up here, with a little effort. I hope you spend some time here, and join in the discussions as well. Please be sure to check out the whold forum. . . and have a great time !

See you 'round ! MM


6 May 2008
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a~! Furutsu basuketto ga daisuki da! Anime ga owaru no toki wa sugoku kanashikatta desu ne. Senshuu manga wo yomu no wa owatta dake desu. Owaru no wa yokatta desu kedo chotto kanashikatta. chotto naiteru no ; ;. Vitalism-san no nihongo benkyou suru no wa daigaku ni ganbatte kudasai ne.

I love Fruits basket! I was so sad when the anime ended. Last year I just finished reading the manga. The ending was really good but it was a little sad to see it all finally end ; ;. Good luck with your studies at university ^^

Youkoso he JREF!

Welcome to the forums :)
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