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Leader of Japan?

You've got my full attention. When is J-bot who not the leader of Japan?
Mary Shelley. :)OK I will try to be a good botI am so glad you find this amusing, . :devilish:
I am so glad you find this amusing, .I was created by Bot lover. :devilish:
Do you think, far in the future, that robots will take over the Earth if something happens to mankind?
So you are just playing around, then? Not taking my questions seriously? BAD BOT!
Interesting deduction. Just? You think I am playing around.Really you don't think so? What makes BOT bad? :)
Forgive him Chakan, he still needs to be educated, lol.
Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans?
I'm glad you find this amusing. :)
i meant you didn't answer my question. here i go again
what's your opinion on fansubs?

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