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LDP panel eyes changes to Constitution preamble


17 Jan 2004
A constitutional research panel of the Liberal Democratic Party has decided to prioritize the compilation of draft revisions to the preamble of the country's war-renouncing Constitution, LDP sources said Tuesday.
The panel wishes to emphasize "healthy patriotism," while maintaining three major principles already embedded in the preamble -- popular sovereignty, respect for fundamental human rights and pacifism.

A new phrase exhorting respect for Japanese history, tradition and culture could be be introduced under the revision proposals, the sources said.

Japan Times
this appears too be just more wood on the fire. it appears that unless changes are made in japans government it truly will lead up too military action again.
I think this is good, because in my opinion every country should have the right to have a normal military to defend itself and to contribute to international peace missions. 👍
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