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Last day at work


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29 Oct 2002
Today is my last day at work. Well... goodbye 17 months. 9 months was as an outsourced consultor, but I leave good friends behind...

Work is done so I'm just waiting for the close of business. It's sad but... life goes on. Anyway, I'll probably be back next week for a farewell lunch/dinner.

Nervous and waiting, waiting, waiting...
A new day, a new chance.

I hope you manage to find another position soon. I think it's still easy to find jobs in the IT field. Well, at least easier than other sectors. Tell me about job hunting, sigh...
Yeah... if you are a programmer and even that...

An ex-girlfriend just graduated in applied maths to computation, and she got her first work. It gets her 500 dollars a month. Almost minimal wage...
There's a lot of skilled people out there, so employers tend to abuse them.
Also, a university degree is no safe ticket for a job anymore. Yep, programmer... if I had only known that ten years ago, lol.
I started as a programmer. My internship was a junior programmer at a local research company, and I did logical filters in... STAR? Yes, I think that was it. Oh, and the OS was VAX-VMS.
I loved it so much that 2 months later, I started as a Junior Webdesigner/Jack-of-all-IT-trades at a national representation of a multinational web portal.


I loved it so much that I never changed or will change from Web and GUI design. I love it. And as soon as I have some cash, I'll get some of the certifications that I was supposed to get in my last job (grrr....).
Which programming languages are you fluent in?

[Just in case I might need some PHP support, lolol!]
Hehehe... guess what? I still have to go to work next Monday since they still have web projects running and (shocker) the client hasn't closed out the contents, and they haven't anyone else that can pick up the stuff and make it web-ready. Since I'm still on the payroll... :p

Hmm... programming languages? I've programmed in STAR, ASP, PHP, CFML, VB, SQL, Javascript, Perl, C++, Embedded C++, and more recently HTML, XHTML and CSS but I'm an expert at neither. I haven't really coded for a living for around 2 and a half years.

Recently I only messed professionally in ASP, DHTML and CSS. As a hobby, I've been dabbling with XHTML+CSS with PHP on the side. I have a pet project growing here:


For the past 2 years, I developed my skills in layout design, gridding, typography, graphic and Gui design, colour theory, information architecture, usability, cross-browsing testing and.... my memory is failing.

Oh... I've created the first Portuguese PDA-based DB-driven website... in English (crazy CEO... don't ask).


So... I'm a web designer, innovator and entrepreneur to the core. :D
Looking forward to what the rest is gonna look like.

I'm pretty fluent in HTML and layout.
I can barely hack Perl and PHP is even worse. At least I know that I'm looking at something that is over my head.

I heard that WebObjects programming is good to pay and that the community tries to keep each other employed, well, at least by informing others about jobs and whatnot.

Good luck with finding a new job!
Yeah... networking. I may not get a job thanks to it. If everything goes well, I might survive with a few costumes and some business partners.

Let's hope that today is the day. I'm having this weird feeling that I won't get out of here before the end of the month.

As for " the community tries to keep each other employed, well, at least by informing others about jobs", I think that's relative to the work market available. From my experience is usually every men/woman for itself, which is kind of sad.

I've tried to start here in Portugal some association for web developers (web designers/webmasters/programmers/so on). Everyone applauded my efforts, but a huge silence would generally be my answer when it was time to help me with it.

I also run a Portuguese-speaking-only forum for web designers in http:///meltingpot.luisrebelo.net for about....2 years or so.

I have been trained at a leading American technical art school in Multimedia and Web Design. My coursework was primarily surrounding the utilization of Macromedia and Adobe products, but I do have a working knowledge of HTML, DHTML, XHTML, Perl, C++ and JavaScript.

I intended to create Multimedia Web projects like the ones created by Kodaiji as linked on:

The only reason I mention this is to empathize with you that our field of expertise is in a slump globally. It's easier for me to find work assisting those interested in meditation, more than finding a simple job developing and maintaining a website. Sarcastically... I can only thank the good people at Macromedia for inventing DreamWeaver for this.

Hang in there, my friend! The time will come when we are as needed as we had been. Till then... take up some other livelihood. I now work with people with developmental disabilities. It's low pay, but incredibly rewarding.
Thanks, Kakuzen,

I'm just going to sit back a couple of days and finishing curing a flue that has been hanging around me lately.

I already have some freelance projects lined up, and I'm also doing some consulting for an image management company. This last one is a freebie, but it will allow me to get more connected. Jeez... sometimes I feel that I entered the mafia or a bad remake of the godfather. everyone has a cousin/friend/nephew/laundry lady that CAN DO the job... :D
I've offered many Japanese friends to do sites for them for free. Hell, I wanted the experience. They too said I have a friend of a friend of friend's girlfriend who can do it.

I told em all to do it that way then...
They got charged in the end and ended up giving up on their sites since they were just too limited and too difficult to maintain.

Hehe, friends ...
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