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Laruku wallpapers + Melt Banana


26 Nov 2003
I'm searching sth interesting but I cannot find anything...
I wanna sth more ambitious than just their photo ::]. I cannot find words to describe what I really need but I it would be great if you have some propositions :).


Do you know Japanese group called "Melt Banana"? I was listening their new album named "Cell-scape" and I can tell one: their music is weird ,odd ,bizzare even but it's very interesting and proves that music musn't even has melodies :D ,it must just be interesting and has some kind of power. I don't know do other releases are so good as this new one but "Cell-scape" made my eyes open and understand finally what music really is 👏 .

And btw: do music like "Melt Banana" (I can say: noize with guitars ,percussion ,bass and strange vocals) are sth more common than I'm thinking? Because here it's pretty rare. I can compare it to band called "Blasted Mechanism" from Portugal which is very unknown in Poland and most European countries.

[] Blasted Mechanism official website: www.blastedmechanism.clix.pt
[] Melt Banana official website: www.parkcity.ne.jp/~mltbanan/
[] both need flash player!
Melt Banana has been touring through Europe last month. "Cellscape" is still quite friendly to the ear compared to their older work.

I suppose you could compare them to Atari Teenage Riot, but Melt Banana is less electronic.

It's basicly noisecore, which is not uncommon.
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I already know that "Cell-scape" is a little "soft" album in their carrier and I don't think so that I can handle previous albums :giggle: . First of all they have better mix&mastering on "Cell-scape" ::].

Hmm... there are hundreds of bands... Why just "Melt Banana" is so popular? :eek:
Originally posted by Gaki
I saw melt banana live a few weeks ago, was good.

But it isn't an answer :D.
I belive that they are good besides that vocalist don't has so high voice on concerts but I want to know why THEY're so popular. If in Japan are hundreds of bands playing similiar music ,what is the reason?? :eek:
The vocalists voice was even higher in live.

Why are they popular ? Good record company.
Originally posted by Gaki
The vocalists voice was even higher in live.

Why are they popular ? Good record company.

Really? I heard several bootlegs and her voice always was poor compare with albums. But - sincerely - "Cell-scape" has good production. Of course I heard only a few albums from the past but I observe that only this new album has really good mix and mastering. Maybe I'm wrong ,I don't know...

Good record company? I will remember that ::].
Good management anyway. And luck. Once you get picked up by the international press and they're positive about you, it's much easier to build up a fanbase.

Melt Banana has also worked with other acclaimed artists such as Merzbow (they formed a group togehter called Merz Banana) and their tour with Fantoma's helped a lot as well. Mike Patton (Fantoma's vocalist and former Faith No More vocalist) has said some very positive things about Melt Banana, which automatically earns you a lot of credit with the public.
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