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For Sale Large set of vintage architectural drawing prints

19 Jul 2014
OK, so this is a bit of a weird one, but here we go. I have a twenty-four volume set of architectural drawings produced for the Japanese market in the early 1970s. Each volume is a portfolio box containing lose prints of architectural sketches and drawings from a variety of American architectural firms. The prints are very interesting and wide-ranging in their content.

The condition isn't perfect, but good considering the age. The portfolios are faded on the outside and show some shelf wear, and a small portion of the prints have bent corners, but overall the condition is good. I have not been able to find more than one or two examples of a complete set for sale, so I don't think you're likely to run across another one easily.

The prints are fascinating and may be of particular interest to those in architectural or other design fields. I am moving to a new home in October, and just don't look at these prints enough to justify moving them if I can find them a better home. I am not willing to split up the set and will keep them until they sell, even if I do have to move them.

I am located in Nerima in Tokyo. If you want these, you're going to have to come pick it up and you will either need a car or be prepared to bring some friends to help you carry them home. This is a big, heavy stack of stuff.

Asking ¥40,000 for the whole set.

EDIT: I would like to note that this price is below going market price (more like ¥50,000)

If you have things I need for my new apartment (appliances and such) I may be willing to barter or do some mix of cash and trade.


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Change of heart: still think they're worth what they're worth but I just want them out of the way. As such, they are now FREE!!!! But you've got to take them all.
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