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L'Arc~en~Ciel's new album - SMILE


10 Mar 2004
The album is going to be out on 31st March. Have you heard any of the songs? Three of the ten songs in the album have already been released as singles. (i.e. Spirit Dreams Inside, Ready Steady Go and Hitomi no Juunin)

I haven't got the chance to really listen to Spirit Dreams Inside, so I'm reserving judgment.

I did not like Ready Steady Go when I first listened to it, but like so many other L'Arc~en~Ciel's songs, it grew on me. I like it now (although not as much as some of my favourite L'arc's song), finding the melody catchy, the lyrics truly uplifting, and the song seems to fill me with energy. I hate the rhythm of the guitar at the introduction of the song at first, but now I find it fitting to the song as a whole. The song leans towards the poppish side, which is typical of many songs that Tetsu wrote, but somehow, at the chorus and Ken's guitar solo, it lifts itself above the average cheery song.

I like Hitomi no Juunin the first time I listened to it. And it's still a song that I can listen to again and again, and never get tired of. Unlike the other Tetsu's ballad, Pieces, which is too sentimental and sugary for my taste, I find Hitomi no Juunin more powerful the more I listen to it. The song starts slow, and the melody repeats itself for four times (yes, four times :p) before it develops more fully. Some people may find the song boring because of it, but I find it a good build up, and the eventual climax of the song is very satisfying. It shows off Hyde's range and his ethereal falsetto's voice. Just when you think you have reach the highest note of the song, he goes even higher. It's like climbing the mountains, reaching the peak and finding an even higher one lying ahead, leaving you breathless. The only thing I worry about this song is that it will be one hell of an ending song to sing at the end of a live concert.

Despite the three singles above, the songs that I most look forward to, are the songs written by Ken. Most of my favourite L'arc's songs are written by Ken and I expect it'll be no different this time.
I listened Ready steady go and it is a funny song: l'Arc en ciel now is a mature group and I wish they continue forever in thy job.
Other song of album... I'm waiting.
SMile is a good album over all. the first time i listen to it i was only attracted by hitomi no jyuunin and spirit dream inside(heard it N times before) the other songs totally didn't get in my mind. maybe i should listen more to others songs... it always works for me. the first time i listen to jap song i totally didn't like it..then it gets me addicted lol
I guess I've just listened Spirit Dreams Inside since Final Fantasy the movie... it's a nice song but L'Arc~en~Ciel has many others better

and remember...

Maki Forever !!!
i've only heard spirit dreams inside from final fantasy... looking forward to getting my hands on their new album!!!
I'm going to the CD shops and see if I can get SMILE today 😄 I have listened to Spirit Dreams Inside once on a PV. However, since I do not like watching PVs in general, and the music quality of that downloaded PV is rather poor, I'm still waiting for the album to get a better feel of the song. My first impression of it is not that great though :( I prefer the song written for the Japanese version of Gozilla - Shinsoku (Lose Control) much better.

Laruku songs don't always grab me the first time I listen to it. When I listened to their songs for the first time, I think they were good, but not AMAZING. When I began to listen to it for a few more times, I suddenly realized how brilliant they were, how rich yet subtle the arrangement is, and I got thrusted into the mood created by that song.
Final Fantasy the movie it self isn't all that interesting to me ..but i watched it 3 times just for the ending song: Spirit Dreams Inside, thats before the single came out(album?) did anyone see hitomi no jyuunin pv? not quited interesting either i want to see the person not a bunch of junks.. good try anyway?
i haven't heard hitomi no jyuunin yet but from what i'm hearing from you guys i think it's gonna be fantastic?
I think it depends on your taste whether you will find Hitomi no Juunin fantastic or not. If you like ballads with oceans of strings and Hyde's ultra-high falsetto voice, then it's most probably the song for you. However, if you dislike songs which sounds like pop music, or which develops rather slowly, you may find it a disappointment.

If you like the other two Laruku songs, Farewell or Anata, you may like this one too.
I luv their songs!!! In this new album, ready steady go is just quite okie and nice to listen, cos I've waiting for their new release after so long...
But! there's 1 song which draw me to buy this album for sure, that is "Hitomi no Jyunin"!! I've repeated tat 1 and only song for a few days and I doesnt seem to get tired of it at all, AWESOME song!!

For people who wana listen to these songs, u can go to their official website to listen!! yeah!!! there's a portion of video too!!

Click on the "Sound/Video List" on the top right hand corner of the main page of L'Arc~en~Ciel/LArcom.net . Then when the list of albums is loaded up, click on the album "SMILE", you can then choose the songs you want to listen to. (Only the 3 singles are available for trial listening)
I finally received SMILE today! YAY!
I watched the DVD first (because it follows the chronological order) then I listened to the CD. :) I'm up to the last track, Spirit dreams inside now.

To those who are worried that Laruku would repeat what they had done before and gave up on experimenting, they didn't. Ready Steady Go and Hitomi no Juunin were probably the song which contains the most old Laruku feel, and that's probably why they were chosen as singles. They have taken a large step forward again, and not suprisingly, Ken is leading the way. The songs in this album rock harder and sounds heavier than in their previous albums. Hitomi no Juunin and arguably Time goes on are the only ballads inside.

I have only listened to the CD once, so I cannot really form a coherent opinion yet :p I like this album quite a lot on first listen, and Coming Closer is most probably my top 3 Laruku songs up to date!

Another refreshing album from Laruku, but I still have to listen (at least) a few times more, to see if it's good, very good, great, amazing, or absolutely fabulous. :p
I bought the album, but it was a bit expensive at the store. Overall, it was phenominal! They're my favorite J-Rock band, so maybe I'm being a little biased. "Hitomi no Jyuunin" truly was a fantastic song (without understanding lyrics whatsoever) and the video was too ^_^. #7 is the best. His voice is distorted, but that added charm to the song. 10/10 rating.
Yeah i see alot of people liking Hitomi no Jyuunin especially since it resembles the old L'Arc~en~Ciel alot. For those who are interested, these are the resemblances i was talking about:
Fare Well (True album) and Anata (Heart album).

I think Fare Well edges out Hitomi no Jyuunin in my opinion hehe. A TRUE L'Arc~en~Ciel song i think is White Feathers (Tierra album). White Feathers is L'Arc~en~Ciel at their best. Check it out! Argh! I'm heading off the subject!

The heavy tracks on this album have a lot more oomph in terms of guitar. The old heavy tracks relied on Hyde's voice (i think LOL). I'm relieved to hear Hitomi no Jyuunin as it tells me that L'Arc haven't ditched their old ways *BANZAI!* I like 6 tracks on this album. I can't help but think this album sound different to the others before it. It's like L'Arc have changed or something.
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