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L'Arc~en~Ciel is back!!!!!


6 May 2003
Hi everyone!!!
In case you don't already know.... L'arc~en~Ciel is back!!! They are supposed to come out with a single called "Remember" and they will also have a Shibuya Live Tour!!!! 👏
Oh and hyde is coming out with his single "HELLO!" 😄
I think Laruku fans know this...but it's really exciting, ne. Sadly I can't go to their concert and it'll be a while until I can get a hold of their single :( , but still I'm happy!!!:D :) :D
A new single... Now that is news... :)

But if the title is really "remember", i fear that they will really disband after that.

Yes, it's so wonderful that Laruku is alive and well and producing new songs. I realize that the song title "Remember" seems a little risque...but still it's good to hear from them. Maybe they named it "Remember" because they want people to think..."Do you guys remember us? We're back! 🙂 " Maybe that's what they are trying to say. I hope that's the case.:confused: Well, let's hope for a good year for Laruku.
Hey, where'd you found out about this new single anyway?
I haven't read about this anywhere else.
Well, apparently a releasedate has been set for this new single. Several sources report this to be the 23rd of july.
I downloaded the song (Hello). It kicks friggin' ***! And I found a clip from a TV show in Japan that were interviewing Hyde and it showed the (maybe) music video. It was okie dokie. ^____^
Well, that song was not from L'Arc~en~Ciel.
"Hello" is a solo-single from Laruku vocalist Hyde.
It does sound a lot like a regular Laruku song, though.
Why bother doing solo-work if it sounds allmost the same as the band's work?
Well, "Hello" is actually a pretty big departure from what Hyde's been doing in his solo work... up until this point, most of Hyde's solo stuff has been much slower ballads. It's kind of like Ryuichi Kawamura's solo stuff, much more folk/pop based as opposed to his rock work fronting Luna Sea.

In terms of the L'arc solo work, TETSU69's work as a whole sounds the most like L'arc~en~ciel aside from the different voice... it's quite awesome IMHO, but still sounds a LOT like L'arc. I haven't heard any of Ken's work in S.O.A.P., and I know Yukihiro's solo stuff leans more toward the electronica side... so they really did seem to try some different styles while out on their own...

But whether it's L'arc or their solo work, it's all 👍
I actually preferred the Rontgen album, because it was so different from Laruku. What he's doing now with "Hello" is great stuff, but he's playing it very safe. Perhaps he's warming up the fans for the new L'Arc single.

S.O.A.P. sounds like 80's metal with a touch of L'Arc~en~Ciel. Especially the basslines sound very familiar. Good stuff, but Ken is not the best vocalist in the world.

;) So ami... what songs from Laruku have you obtained and listened to? The only song I haven't heard by Laruku is Yokan...and I have no clue how to get a hold of it. 😭 someday I will I hope. Anyway, yes, I am still happy to hear that Laruku is back because I love them dearly of course. I love hyde and his songs HELLO and THE OTHER SIDE (and all of ROENTGAN) as well as anything TETSU69 and S.O.A.P and you know what? Some techno stuff I cannot handle... but the stuff that Acid Android has put out, I like. It has a bit of a rock feel to it so it's really nice. 👏 Speaking of...does anyone else like Acid Android stuff or is it too annoying for your taste? Hmm...well, I keep rambling so yeah... Laruku is back and there here to stay for a while more!! 😍 :hanabi: 😍
Well, actually I downloaded most of their albums._. But I just found out that Hyde went solo and thats kinda what I meant by I get to download more L'Arc-en-Ciel songs._. But I don't know which song I should download 1st from him.
Not that I support rampant downloading of J-Pop that's easily purchased through numerous websites, but...


If you really like L'arc style, you'd probably be safest checking out Hyde's latest single "Hello" first... it's the closest to the original L'arc sound of his solo work. The rest of his solo stuff surrounding the "Roentgan" album is all slower ballad music, so if you like any of the songs, you'll probably like them all. I started with "Angel's Tale" myself.

Happy hunting!
Personally from the 'Roentgan' album, I like "Drop of Colour" or "The Cape of Storms" basically because it's so beautiful and unlike anything I have heard. "Angel's Tale" was voted most sleepiest song by Sony's Countdown in 2002. :sleep: I think it's very pretty. I suggest if you are getting "Angel's Tale" that you should get the album version. The one they indicate as "English version" is very jazzy. It's nice, but to actually listen to the original is really nice. 😄 Well, have fun listening to hyde's solo.

"How softly the springtime breezes sing,
How deeply the distant mountains breathe,
There are so many things... to show to you"
from Drop of Colour
Well, I already just downloaded "hello". It was great. 👍 Thanks! Umm.. how many Albums does Hyde actually have and can you give me the song lisitings of each of em'? Thanks!_! 😄
Hyde has 1 album out called Roentgen. He was many singles however. It contains 10 tracks. But his solo stuff is much softer than his usual style in L'Arc, despite what you heard on Hello. Here's the list!


I plan on buying this CD soon, by the way!
So, I am going to assume that once everyone is done with their solo projects they're gonna get back on track with the whole 'coming to America' thing, right? 'Cause I know they're planning on doing an entirely english CD sometime in the future. There was a website that was simply devoted for a street crew of people in the US to start promoting the english L'arc stuffs, but it just sorta disappeared.

Does anyone have any new news on that?
^____________________^ YAY! L'arc en Ciel! I still remember hearing blurry eyes for the first time....I loved it! 😍
I only know two things for sure about the return of L'arc:

1. Hyde has a solo single coming out in November called "Horizon"... rumor has it that the B-side will be a cover of a Beatles tune, possibly "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

2. L'arc~en~ciel has stated they'll have a new album out in the spring of next year.

I haven't heard anything about "coming to America" or about an English-only album at this point. We'll have to wait and see...

But L'arc will soon be back, and I couldn't be happier!

Shibuya 7 Days Live DVD 2003.12.17
5,565 Yen - (incl tax)

l'arc-en-ciel official website

shibuya live photos

New Album due - 2004.03.31

New Album Info

L'Arc-en-Ciel on TOUR - SPRING 2004

I watched Moochild tonight, really good film, really enjoyed it!!!

Ami san: Of Hyde's album Roentgen, may I suggest the song "Evergreen" it is really beautiful.
Oh and there are 3 different versions of the album, - Japanese language version, English language version, & limited edition different cover for Japanese version.

Hydebelle san: I like Acid Android's stuff too! I have all albums by L'arc-en-Ciel, inclu 4 greatest hits & singles collections, Hyde's Roentgen, Tetsu69's Suite November, Yukihiro(Acid Android) S.O.A.P's Grace, & Gimme A Guitar -(which i discovered the other day, have both got CD rom videos on them)
I don't know how you will find "yokan" though as it doesn't appear to be on any of the albums. What was it released on?

:sing: Well, Remember already don't exist... but I'm very happy for new album🍾 Evergreen is a masterpiece and Hello is a atomic bomb👍 VIVA L'ARUKU
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