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30 Sep 2003
What languages can you all speck, or understand, or at least know a bit? --> I'm just curiose... 😊
only fluent in english and in desending order of my understand/speaking, german, spainish, vietnamese, and cantonese.
Cantonse (1st),English (2nd)

I understand Mandarin somehow,but I can not speak it.

I somehow understand Japanese little bit by reading those Kanji words
English, of course. Practically fluent in French. Know a little of Japanese, Spanish, and Italian.
Hmm...I can speak...
- Mandarin
- English
- Cantonese (some)
- Hokkien (a little)
- Japanese (basic)

English first, reasonably fluent in Arabic, so-so in urdu & somali, slowly getting there in Japanese and I can say a few phrases in Hebrew, Yoroba, Malaysian, Tigrini and French
ツウツェ'テ テ?堕アツケツセテョツソテ ツソツオツセテョツクツヲ ツクツサテ?堕エテ
Korean and (Irish) English
oh.. so many languages... ^^;

I can speack english, french, well german I gues too... eto... and kind of understand chinese and a few japanese words... and I can also count to 10 in italien.. ^o^ oh... and cantonese, I can under stand kind of well, though I nevlearned it in my life...
Arabic 1st, English 2nd, Japanese(I'm trying to make it the 3rd), and maybe someday I'll study French.

テ甘甘淌。テ」 テ堙妥暗ュツソツソ
(arabic font)
テ甘甘淌。テ」 テ堙妥暗ュツソツソ
(arabic font) [/B][/QUOTE]

na'am ya akhi. Ana atakallaam al-arabeeya!!!

Yes brother I can speak Arabic but alas I havent got Arabic fonts on my PC
Fluent : Cantonese, English.

Bits and pieces of : Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, French.

I wanna learn German, after i figure out Japanese and Korean ^^
English, fluent. Some Japanese, Indonesian, and Mandarin. I'm not too interested in European languages.
Originally posted by thereisnospoon
テ甘甘淌。テ」 テ堙妥暗コテ崢ソ
(arabic font)

na'am ya akhi. Ana atakallaam al-arabeeya!!!

Yes brother I can speak Arabic but alas I havent got Arabic fonts on my PC [/B][/QUOTE]
fe'lan?! ana mundahish!
ay lahjah totqen? almasriyah?
Hi! I can speak Hungarian(native language), English, German, Japanese and I'd like to learn some Chinese, Mandarin, Thai too..Could you help me improve my Japanese?? :)))
Do I have to, Kirei-na-me?

Fluent in English; can speak a little Hindi, German, Latin, French, Italian and Armenian. Can read enough to work in all romance languages, northern Indic languages (including Urdu--which means a bit of Persian and Arabic as well), wee bit of Tamil, and learning Thai (which is the reason I'm not learning much Japanese). If necessary, I get into Hungarian and the Slavic languages, and Hebrew. No, I'm not stretching the truth. For some reason, I can learn to read languages rather easily--or at least understand enough to catalog books in those languages.
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