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15 Apr 2002
💡 ... how about a language forum?

NO ... I'm not gonna help with your homework but ... hehe I be willing to spice it up ;)

I wonder what kind of response there would be to a living language type of thingy.

you know bad words and such ... 👏 or would I be a target :uzi: moyashi.

hehe ... don't you wanna know what these 2 are saying ??? :argue: ???
you never know when or if you meet some yakuza you'd be able to 🔥 them down with your slick vocabulary but then again ... your teacher would probably :bash: against the wall because of me :erm: However, you might find 😍 or like I used to do .... chum up to the sushi chiefs in town and :lick: lot's of yummy sushi for free

However when meeting :samurai: you should still play :homer: since the girls don't like guys to be too :chinese:

well ???

Ok, ok, you absholutely convinshed me. I'll establish a language section, very good idea! I assume you volunteer for a mod's position... ;)
I had a smiley attack.

I've been using the quick reply box so much and found the << extra smileys >> I couldn't help myself ;)

OK, but my Japanese isn't that proper.

I was just thinking that something was missing here and the language idea popped up at same time as the smileys :D
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