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Language Course ?

8 Jul 2003
I've been studying online and learning from sources like; software and books. I'm seriously thinking about going to school but I can't find a school that would be at least 4 times a week with 3 hours per class. I went to Berlitz Language School here in New York City and the class that they're offering is $334.00 that includes all books etc. but the class is once a week for 2 hours and only runs 6 weeks..
I could continue my studies there but it would take for ever I would imagine with only a once a week schedule I just don't see myself being able to learn a lot in that short amount of time.

I'm checking other 2 year campus schools but I do not know if they'll even have Japanese courses to offer. I want to learn because my wife is Japanese and I want to speak more fluently with her.
One idea is to hire a Japanese person in the area, and have them tutor you. I taught English in Tokyo for many years. There are a lot of English and Japanese teachers here on this forum. We can give you a lot of good ideas for your tutor to use.

Believe me, private lessons will advance your ability faster, and you can help some poor Japanese person with a little pocket money. (Just do not tell Immigration!)
First of all thanks for the advice on getting a private instructor.
I'm still searching around Manhattan for a school that I think maybe suitable for me. That's a sad quote you have at the bottom of your message. Maybe you loved someone for along time but now it's faded away.. toki doki that could happen.

jya ne,

The phrase "Atsui koi wa sameyasui...." is a Japanese kotowaza (saying). I have found it to be more true than not.
I don't know, I guess hiring a tutor would be expensive... I'm taking classes, and it's just once a week because of the same reason, it's not as easy to find it for everyday as english is. I guess you have more skills and could hold a third level maybe, but for me it was really a headache just the first one, because I did not know anything; I learned english knowing nothing too and taking classes three hours per day. I thought japanese would be boring because I was going to take it just one day... but in fact, once a week was good for me.

I have my concerns about once a week..if it's worth it and maybe I should just learn on my own with software at home and just try to practice with someone speaking once a week. I know greetings/food/some directions/and a lot of words...slang too. I've been learning so far on my own or just picking up words from Fuji T.V. or from my wife. I don't really know the level I'm on but I still do not speak fluently. I need to practice with someone. I'm still trying to figure out how I will do this and when. Thanks for your reply.

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