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Yeah, alright, there is a certain someone in Kyoto 😍 , but I think that it's such a cool city with such cool people, that is why I miss it so much. :)
hahaha! ;)

there must always be somebody, huh?! :)
but that city must have something in special, I have met someone from there too... hehe 😊
I used to eat okonomiyaki and drink at the Pig & Whistle in Kyoto ;)

I'm a Sapporo Boy though .... haha
I want to go there too, hehe, not for the girls obviously,lol the pub sounds like a few here, named simular to our local pubs,👏

I am going to be visiting Kyoto in a few months (as well as Tokyo and possibly Akihabara). Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go for a person's first time there?

Doumo, doumo!
Originally posted by deborah gormley
the pub sounds like a few here
Yeah, it's a traditional British pub really. BTW, we have a pub in the nearby city, called The C o c k Inn. A gay pub apparently, never checked. LOL! Gotta love them pub names though!
We have a an aparently traditonal Irish Pub up here ;)

Oh! haven't I mentioned that before? lololo
'bout Kyoto.

Originally posted by Resuka
I am going to be visiting Kyoto in a few months. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go for a person's first time there?
Kawaramachi is the city centre. You'll find all the shops, bars, etc. there. The Hub is a lovely pub, Pig and Whistle also. Nearby the Hub you'll find Bar Isn't It, a club full of foreigners usually. Places to eat: Shakey's all you can eat pizza, pasta, salad. A bit nasty, but cheap. Around 900 yen. Also, check out Bikkuri Donkey, I thought it was quite fun! There are many choices where to eat or drink, shouldn't be a prob. Shopping: check out a long covered mall, Angel Street I think it is called. If you need a sports shop, Mitsuhashi Sports has it all. Anyway, there are shops all over Kawaramachi!

There is this other lively area called Saiin. Much smaller than Kawaramachi though. There are some good karaoke places, cafes.

Sightseeing wise, I highly recommend Sanjusangendo. One of the most impressive temples around! Also check out Ryoanji. Nice place. Okazaki Area is also worth a visit. It has quite a few art galleries, museums, a zoo and a shrine called Heian Jingu. Basically, Kyoto has everything in terms of sightseeing. It's just the matter of what you want to see really and having enough time to do it!

Hope you like the city, let me know anyway!
Surprised Donkey (bikkuri Donkey) kicks but. Rumor is that they use worm meat. This is perpetuated by employees not being able to enter the locked freezer area.

haha! I'm serious.

Kyoto is a great place. Hope you have oodles of fun.
@ MOYASHI, WORM MEAT, WHAT IS WORM MEAT??? Ooops had the caps on, lol, I'm sure that you're not referring to "worm as in soil" are you?
@ worms

worms crawl in, worms crawl out worms, play picknic on your snout. (errr or something like that!)

I'm from Kyoto... well kinda. My family is from Miburo, and owns a small house there. Best city in Japan in my mind (no bias there!!)
well, kyoto has a lot of temples
i liked the station -- especially tezuka world.
it's where nintendo is based at also?
is my geekiness showing yet :p
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