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15 Mar 2002
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Kuwata Keisuke -Naminori Johnny

Could anyone tell me whether kuwata keisuke`s superhit "naminori johnny" has appeared in any of his albums till now or is it only sold as a single?

Hi again Kinjo,

So far "Naminori Johnny" has only been released on single. There has been a follow up single, but as far as i know there has not been any new Kuwata Keisuke solo-album announced.

Does anyone have the song title listing for Kuwata Keisuke's Top of the Pops in English?? I have the discs, but I can't read Japanese. I have converted the songs into MP3s for my iPod...and I need the titles for the ID3 Tag. Please please help.
I got this tracklisting from CD-Japan. I'm not sure how accurate it is.

1 Nami nori Jonny / Keisuke Kuwata
2 Tasagareno Summer Holiday / Keisuke Kuwata
3 Shiroi Koibitotachi / Keisuke Kuwata
4 Odorouyo Baby 1962 / Keisuke Kuwata
5 Tsuki / Keisuke Kuwata
6 Kanashimi no Prisoner / Keisuke Kuwata
7 Blue / Keisuke Kuwata
8 Kanashii Kimochi (JUST A MAN IN LOVE) / Keisuke Kuwata
9 JOURNEY / Keisuke Kuwata
10 Tobenai Mosquito / Keisuke Kuwata
11 Mayonoka no Dandy / Keisuke Kuwata
12 Kawaii Mina / Keisuke Kuwata
13 Suteki na Mirai wo Mite Hoshi / Keisuke Kuwata
14 Merry Christmas in Summer / KUWATA BAND
16 Skipped Beat / KUWATA BAND
17 One Day / KUWATA BAND
18 Kagami / Keisuke Kuwata
19 Itsuka Dokokade (I Fell the Echo) / Keisuke Kuwata
20 Toi Machikado (The Wanderin' Street) / Keisuke Kuwata
21 Kareka no Kaze no Ato / Keisuke Kuwata
22 Kuri to Itsumademo / SUPER CHIMPANZEE
23 Kiseki no Hoshi / Keisuke Kuwata & Mr.Children
24 Hikari no Sekai / Keisuke Kuwata & Tamio Okudami
25 Yotokemake no Uta / Keisuke Kuwata
26 Matsuri no Ato / Keisuke Kuwata
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