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Kung Fu used in basketball defense !~!!

da chiu?
i was watching shaolin soccer this weekend!
i thought it was good
EscaFlowne said:
as he pays the other players doctors bill :mad:

Bruce Bowen is actually the 'Ace Killer' of the NBA
he injured players like Dirk Nowitzki,Peja Stojakovic,
and the latest victim is Vince Carter

Carter took a jump shot,he was coming down,
Bruce Bowen sticked out his foot,Carter ended up landing on Bowen's foot,
he sprained his ankle and is still being sidelined.
Carter thinks that Bowen sticked out his foot intentionally.
Not Vince Carter!!!!! Vince carter is the man in my eye!!!!! HE can dunk anything! After seeing this lil shot i'm thinkin our brucey boy did it on purpose!
Eve said:
vince carter is healthy now =D

thats good,they are going to play against LeBron James and the Cavaliers at 7 pm Toronto time today

I think Cavaliers have a higher chance to grab the last playoff spot than the Raptors

I don't like Vince Carter because I think he is like a crying baby and his defense is poor...
EscaFlowne said:
his defense isn't what it use to be but his game has gotten better. Crying baby 😄 come on now. 😌

actually a few years ago
Michael Jordan told Vince Carter that he should work harder on his defense,
but then Vince said something like 'this is my game,Jordan should mind his own business'

he can't play defense,
during the all-star game,he barely played in the second half (or did he play?) when the game got serious and both teams competing
like Kevin Garnett said,all-star game,the first half is show time,second half is competition,
so Carter had some cool dunks in the first half,but didn't play much in the second half, especially when the game got so close,the coach didn't put him into the game,because as a coach,you don't want mistakes on the defense end,Carter is just too lazy on the defense...
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