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14 Mar 2002
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Sad news for European surfers: KPNQWEST, one of the largest European data communications and hosting companies, went bankrupt

=> http://www.kpnqwest.com/html/records.asp?record_id=883

Since KPNQWEST also maintained one of the largest IP-backbone services, this could mean serious trouble for some European ISPs. Contingency plans are being activated all over Europe

=> http://news.com.com/2009-1033-931140.html

Hm, our ISP also relied on them, so in case we don't show up anymore on the forum you know why.
I'm not surprised actually. Everything from KPN sucks. It's a large Dutch company which is very expensive and has a big monopoly in Holland when it comes to phonetraffic and on top of that they have lousy support. I think everyone in Holland hates them.
I for one would be happy to see the whole of KPN go bust!

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/me didn't even know they were Dutch.

Just received an email from our ISP that despite contingency plans connectivity could suffer during the next few weeks. Our provider has been taken over by Chello which I believe are Dutch too.
Ahh balls. You know, there's always someone backing out of a driveway when you're listening to the radio at...50kph.
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