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Article Kozukue Castle

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Hiroto Uehara

Castle Walker
9 Sep 2016
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Hiroto Uehara submitted a new Article:

Kozukue Castle

The remains of Kozukue Castle (小机城 Kozukue-jō) are located in present-day Kōhoku Ward, Yokohama. The castle was thought to be built by the Uesugi clan during the Eikyō Rebellion (永享の乱 Eikyō-no-ran) in 1438/39. The Uesugi were a powerful samurai family that descended from the Fujiwara and that was most influential during the Muromachi and the Sengoku periods, holding the positions of shugo (守護, provincial governors) and Kantō kanrei (関東管領, deputies of the shōgun in the Kantō region) until 1552.

Later, in 1478, the castle re-entered the spotlight of history when Nagao Kageharu (長尾景春, 1443-1514), a vassal of the Yamanouchi Uesugi clan, rebelled against...

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