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Kouyou Vs. Sakura: Which is your preference?

Which do you prefer, Kouyou or Sakura?

  • I like Kouyou the best!

    Votes: 12 32.4%
  • I like Sakura the best!

    Votes: 20 54.1%
  • I like them both the same!

    Votes: 5 13.5%
  • I don`t like either of them!

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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17 Feb 2003
I am just curious which you enjoy looking at more, Kouyou (the autumn color changing of leaves), or Sakura(cherry blossoms)? I think they both have their own unique apeal, but if I were to choose one, it would have to be sakura. What does everybody else think?
This might sound kind of silly, but I prefer sakura, because it is one of the first signs of Spring and everything coming back to life. I really don't like this time of year(Fall), because it's saying cold weather and Winter are coming, and soon, everything will be dark and gray and dead/dead-looking. It's definitely a psychological thing for me.
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spring says summer's coming (bleh) on the hot humidity
fall is totally it for me, time for cold bedsheets
The psychological aspect of spring is quite embedded in many people. I am voting for the fall, though. All the different colors have always been interesting to me. How each tree seems to take on a different personality.

I have to agree with you too. My theory on winter; You can always put more clothes on窶ヲlol
I'll respond without a vote to help balance !

I love fall but do dread the short daylight !

Sakura all the way

something very peaceful about the scene ^_^

DOA 3 drunken master guy (cant remember his name)

chilling on a mountain with cherry blossoms everywhere

now that was a good ending ^_^
Go Go Sakura!!!

...beeing surrounded by thousands of cherry blossoms... maybe while sun rising... what a scene...
both hahahahaha

spring beacause its the end of all the damn cold weather which isnt really me favorite thing, and soon i can go swimming alot.
and the fall because i like wearing a hoodie and the first few cold fronts are nice, even though im a desert rat all the hot hot days do get annoying after awhile.

i guess i like them both since they signal change
the only problem with the autumn leaves is when you have to rake them up as they pile up on your yard (if you have one) and have to pay others to take them away (disposal service) if you can't bury them in a yard.... :D
Originally posted by den4
the only problem with the autumn leaves is when you have to rake them up as they pile up on your yard (if you have one) and have to pay others to take them away (disposal service) if you can't bury them in a yard.... :D

Yeah, I don`t miss raking and bagging leaves at all, but I do miss not having a yard here in Tokyo. I guess you have pro`s and con`s in whatever you are discussing.
I'm enjoying my first Kouyou in Japan... in the last week they've really started to change colour and are looking beautiful ;) I've come to Japan *twice* just after hanami has finished, so I'm really looking forward to
finally seeing them in all their glory next year

I'm loving Japanese autumn food! although it's been really warm ('bout 27C) so it doesn't quite feel like autumn yet! Cold change is coming this week I've heard......
Like spring, but the food in Japan, like Nzueda said, is so much better in autum. All that great fatty stuff to get you ready for the cold winter. Plus it is harvest time and the living is easy (for us non-farming folks)! And lastly, while i like the blossoms in the spring, after the week they are here and gone, cheery trees leave much to be desired in their non-blooming state.

I vote for fall.
The first sakura festival I went to was just an amazing experience and I had a blast. I grew up in Minnesota and saw fall colors every year of my childhood. While perhaps the best fall colors Ive ever seen were around Lake Towada in Nothern Honshu I still have to say fall is fall. Bring on the warmth, Sake, Karaoke and blankets of pink everywhere !
Sakura ~~

Because i've never seen what a Kouyou looks like :p

And there's that song / instrumental by Yuquijiro Yocoh (I think that's the name) called Sakura and i like it 👍
I like both Kouyou (autumn leaves) and Sakura (cherry blossoms), but the latter are so ephemerous that I voted kouyou as one can enjoy them longer and there are more different kinds and colours . :)

I think there every place is so different about sakura and especially kouyou, that one could rate them from 1 to 10. What I mean is that neither is better in itself ; some places have wonderful kouyou/sakura, while others have average or even disappointing ones.
Kouyou, because I live in a country that has green leaves in summer, and greener leaves in winter! :D

We still get almond blossoms (going to the almond blossom festival saturday, might take some pics) here, so kouyou is all i miss :(
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