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Koreans the rise of the nation

6 Nov 2003
Korea, like China, and Japan was divided at some time, and there was change in power many times. Unlike China, and Japan however, new powers were often very different from others.

Ancient Choson - 2333 b.c. ~ 108 b.c.
The first Korean state, based in northern parts of the Korean Peninsula, held east coast of modern China to parts of manchuria, the Choson in AoE was modelled after this country.

Koguryo - 37 b.c. ~ 668 a.d.
stretching from northern peninsula to manchuria, strong, horse-riding warriors(for 70 years, 598-668, Koguryo had defeated a couple million Chinese. in the year around 600 - but became weaker because of constant wars, then division of power brought fall of koguryo), but also had a strong navy as well

Baekje - 18 b.c. ~ 660 a.d.
held south-west of the peninsula, skilled craftsmen, brought culture into near-barbaric Japan (japan called baekje "kudara" or "big country, master country")
Baekje's visual arts revealed technical maturity and warm human qualities.
also had naval strength

Kaya - ~ 562 a.d.
I heavily doubt any chance of a civ modelled after kaya, but just included it here to inform that this is what the japanese claim to be japanese colonies that they were trying to regain in early 1900's.
Kaya was NOT a japanese colony, and in fact dominated the trade between Kaya and Japan.
kaya was conquered by Silla.
the kaya people invented a unique 12-stringed zither called kayakum

Silla - 57 b.c. ~ 935 a.d.
Unified Korea with the help of Tang China.
built many buddhist buildings, towers etc. its capital, the modern city of kyung-ju, is just wonderful.
had an elite group of young warriors called Hwarang, following the military and philosophy of Hwarangdo - loyalty to the king, filial piety, faithfulness to friends, courage in battle, and the evil of indiscriminate killing (Sesok-ogye) + 4 unique Silla ideads: 1. service to country and will to die for your friend 2. respect for justice and fight to the death against unjust forces 3. avoiding death in bed sick, rather death while fighting for the country 4. no retreating in battle, suicide rather than capture

Parhe - 698 ~ 926
Koguryo people displaced into China unites and forms Parhe. with great military tradition of Koguryo, expands its borders into Siberia, Manchuria, China.
also, like koguryo, had a strong navy.

Koryo - 918 ~ 1392
the name koryo comes from koguryo, as you may have guessed.
not very militaristic, but when Mongols invaded, put up a war for over 40 years, and created the tripikata koreana, greatest achievement in buddhist history of the world.
flowering of arts, particularly ceramics(Koryo celadon). active international trade, and the english name "Korea"(supposed to be Corea, but the japanese turned the C into K during occupation to be ahead alphabetically.. in french, italian, spanish, portuguese, etc, C is still used) comes from Koryo

Choson - 1392 ~ 1910
this is the Koreans in AoK is modelled after. this is where you have your Shinkijon Hwacha and Turtle Ships
*in 1897, it was renamed to the Korean Empire, but that was just a name and a form of struggle to keep independence.
*Shinkijon = 1400's, rocket launcher, upgraded from earlier rocket launcher JuHwa. had a range of 1000m - this is not a typo.. yes the shinkijon did fire rockets 10 times the range of trebuchets, 2-3 times the range of catapults.. can be set to explode upon contact, explode in air and send out smaller warheads MIRV-style, etc.
*Hwacha = cart carrying up to 100 shinkijon, can fire one after another very quickly
*Turtle Ships = first ironclads in the world, comparable to ironclads in american civil war. more info in turtle ships are available in history forum if you do a search

then of course, there's the japanese occupation, and korean militia, very small in number, based around china, manchuria and siberia fought japanese forces and numerous assassination attempts, successful assassinations, bombings, etc was made.

Modern Korea is industrious, has a strong military, and the marines are undefeated in combat and received nicknames such as "Ghost Busters" "The Invincible RoK Marines" "The Legendary RoK Marines" during the course of Korean War, Vietnam, etc. they also hold the world record for operation in deepest water without special equipment.

north korea is currently labeled an axis of evil, is starving, and is one of the most dangerous states in the world.

korea has always been innovative, developing first tehnologies and inventions in the world such as movable type, astronomical observatory, most scientific language in the world etc..

korea has always been cultured, from religous ceremonies to koguryo tomb paintings to the entire city of Kyung-ju(capital of silla, must-see when visiting korea) to tripitaca koreana to celadons to numerous buildings and structures. horyuji temple in japan, the oldest surviving wooden structure in the world, was built by koreans

so many old korean items remain in korea, japan(both built/sent by koreans and stolen from korea), and parts of china that used to be korea.
remember that there are so many after great devastation by mongols who used tactics of waves rushing in deep into the peninsula and rushing out repeatedly, and japanese who invaded korea so many times i wonder if anyone knows the number..
and during the japanese occupation, japan was bent on trying to set/justify itself as fitting to rule korea by renaming korean last names, inventing the imna theory which states kaya was japanese colony, inventing the theory that japan introduced rice farming in korea, renaming Corea to Korea, renaming East Sea to Sea of Japan, renaming Korean Strait to Tsushima Strait, etc etc..
so the remaining items are only a small part of korean culture..

I will make another thread about Japan.... or any japanese out there could make one for you.
Excellent!! Thank you for your history teaching, now I have a clear picture in my mind...
I am looking forward to the arising of Korean Nations, and I also hope that reunification of North and South Korea... So that, Korea will become a next power in East Asia...
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