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Korean anime on the rise?


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28 Mar 2003
For all those hardcore anime fans out there, check out the trailer for "Wonderful Days", a korean anime that had been released around July this year (there's no subs or American verison yet tho).

Official webpage can be found here.
I guess TokyoPop manga is releasing a lot of Korean titles and a lot of them are really good. Like "Island" and "Under the Glass Moon" if I wouldn't have read about them before getting them...I would've assumed that they were J-manga because the styling is almost identicial
Yeah! just what i had in mind too...

and speaking of similarities; the CG is really similar to some of the more heavily CG dependent J-anime such as Hoshi no Koe, Macross Zero.....

Mmmm... can't wait for a sub :)
even though I am not a big fan of combining CG and drawn cels, I have to say that looks REALLY good


will definately see it

::huggles her korean fiance:: you guys rock XD
"My Beautiful Girl, Mari" also has been licensed by ADV so I would say that yes, Korean anime is definitely on the rise.
ya that looks cool.
it could have been alot worse, it could have been american! lol
there isn't any chinese anime is there? i've never heard of it but its a posability.
Mmmm... good question... altho most of the anime targetted towards chinese audiences comes from subbed japanese anime... (i'm chinese btw)... there are still some original anime works done by the chinesestudios; but trust me... it's pretty bad..... lol
Yea! just got my hands on this movie... looks pretty nice as I was glimpsing through it.

The only problem was that I had to install the Matroska Playback Pack for additional filters and codecs to play this movie... There's way too much different codecs now, wonder when'll they ever combine it to make an universal codec that includes divx, xvid, ac3... etc etc....
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