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Korea Beats Japan in IT Products


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14 Mar 2002
It appears that a wish was the father of that article... :)

Korea Beats Japan in IT Products

Korean information technology (IT) products were rated as being more competitive than those of Japan, according to a survey by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA). Conducted from Dec. 11-18 among 57 Japanese business executives here, the poll showed that Korean IT products received a general score of 115.

The KITA asked them to evaluate which IT products are the most competitive.

The association, however, said that Korean IT products have shown a noticeable superiority in price competitiveness. They fell behind Japan in such critical categories as quality and technology as well as design, where they received 95 and 94 points respectively.

Meanwhile, 82.4 percent of the respondents said the general image of Korean IT products is currently on the par with those of the U.S., Europe and Japan, while 96.5 percent said the country was a world-class ``power窶吮? in the management and transfer of information.

The Japanese businessmen also said Korea possessed export competitiveness in mobile communication equipment and semiconductors.

=> http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/tech/200212/kt2002122518382811850.htm
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