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Konnyaku jellies


8 Oct 2003
Now I really love these!

The really hard ones, where they bounce if you throw them on the ground...and my mum's bringing some make-your-own Konnyaku to the UK soon. :D

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to make them have a bit more flavour? Should I just mix them with juice?

There are "make your own" konnyaku???

That is great!!! I will have to research that a little more. Those things are great!

Now I really love these!
Konnyaku Jelly Maker Sued for 75 Million Yen for Boy's Death
Meanwhile, the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan said Friday that two elderly people had died after choking on similar jelly products, bringing the number of deaths related to the Konnyaku jelly since 1995 to 13.
One of FDA pages says,
These candies contain the ingredient Konjac (also called conjac, konnyaku, yam flour or glucomannan) and are typically packaged in cups as individual, mouth-sized servings, often featuring an embedded piece of preserved fruit. Although the contents look like a typical gelatin product, the small gel candies maintain their product characteristics (i.e. shape, texture, firmness) without melting when placed in the mouth.

The plastic gel cup is approximately the size of a single-service coffee creamer. The individual gel cups are packaged in 300 gram plastic bags or 3.3 pound plastic jars. They may also be offered for sale as individual cups.
Konjac Candy Recalls
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YEs is dangerous

YES is dangerous and can kill.my son love this Konnyaku jelly but i always cut in a half to give for him.i recommend be carefull if you give for small childrens or elderly people.
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