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Article Konno Hachimangu Shrine

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15 Mar 2002
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Konno Hachimangu Shrine

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Kon’nō Hachimangū (金王八幡宮) is a Shinto shrine just a stone's throw from Shibuya Station. Founded in 1092 by the Shibuya clan who gave their name to the modern-day Tokyo ward, it was built right inside of what once was Shibuya Castle.


In 1051, Kawasaki Motoie (河崎基家), a descendant of the Chichibu clan, had been awarded the territory of Yamori-no-Sho (谷盛庄, located in Musashi Province and corresponding to present-day Shibuya Ward) honouring his support for Minamoto Yoshiie, the governor of Mutsu Province, against branches of the Kiyohara clan in the Gosannen War (1083-1089). Yoshiie was convinced that Motoie's prayers to the war god Hachiman had contributed to his victory. Legend has it that Motoie's son, Kawasaki Shigeie (河崎重家), was granted the family name 'Shibuya' by Emperor Horikawa (r. 1087-1107) after defending...

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